Przemyśl Fortress (Austro-Hungarian soldiers pictured in the ruins after its recapture by the Central Powers, June 1915) © IWM Q 115398

100 Years Ago Today: Russians capture fortress of Przemyśl

Posted on on 22 March 2015
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The Austro-Hungarian fortress of Przemyśl in Galicia (present-day Poland) fell to Russian forces on March 22nd 1915 after a siege lasting more than four months.

A campaign against the Russians in the Carpathian Mountains had failed to ease the pressure on Przemyśl, and direct attempts at relief were also unsuccessful.

Around 120,000 Austro-Hungarian soldiers were taken prisoner. 

The winter fighting seriously weakened the Austrian position, but Przemyśl was to be recaptured within three months.

In May 1915, the Germans led an assault between the towns of Gorlice and Tarnów, southeast of Krakow. It was the starting point for a series of summer offensives, leading to a major Russian withdrawal on the Eastern Front.

Przemyśl fell to the Central Powers on June 3rd.

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Images courtesy of Imperial War Museum © IWM (Q 115398) 

Posted by: Peter Alhadeff, Centenary News