Renovation under way at Douaumont cemetery, Verdun

Posted on on 04 February 2013
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French news website Le Soir 3 Lorraine reports on extensive renovation work taking place at the national cemetery and ossuary at Douaumont, Verdun.

The memorial is being restored for the first time since 1932, in preparation for the centenary of the Battle of Verdun in 2016.

The Douaumont cemetery contains the graves of 16,142 soldiers of the First World War, while the nearby ossuary holds the remains of more than 130,000 men, both French and German, who lost their lives during the battle.

Read the original article from Le Soir 3, Lorraine's website, here.

Images Courtesy of Le Soir 3, Lorraine.

Posted by Anna Bearfield, Centenary News.