Huy, Belgium, begins planning for the centenary

Posted on on 21 February 2013
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A Belgian article describes the lack of centenary plans in Wallonia and shows that only few towns, such as Huy, have defied this stereotype.

The article shows that whilst Flanders is according a large budget to the centenary and has planned for the event extensively, Wallonia does not seem interested.

However, Huy is defying this lack of interest in the centenary and is preparing a number of events to commemorate the First World War.


Translated by Anna Bearfield, Centenary News Team

For the full article by E. Dragonnier, click here.




"In Flanders, planning for the celebration of the centenary of the Great War is already advanced. The Flemish government has already selected 44 projects and have a budget of 20 million euros for these events. However, in Wallonia, only 37 communes have responded to the project to celebrate the centenary. Huy, which is one of the few communes taking action, has chosen to commemorate the event with a specific theme. This theme is ‘Huy, an occupied town viewed  from the frontline’.  Plans for this include several exhibitions, a show and an educational package…"


Images courtesy of RTBF online.

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