Flemish soil in demand in many EU countries for the upcoming Centenary

Posted on centenarynews.com on 28 March 2013
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Date of publication: 25/03/2013

A Belgian article reports that several countries heavily involved in the plans for the upcoming centenary are asking the Flemish government for some its soil. This forms part of wider plans to establish commemorative gardens throughout Europe. The Flemish soil in these gardens (including gardens in the UK and France) will honour those who died in the Western Front during the First World War.


‘The centenary of the First World War is coming up. Several countries are undertaking preparations and many of these are asking the Flemish government for some of its soil. The Flemish government is ceasing the opportunity...In France, a memorial garden is going to be created near to the Dome of Invalids in Paris…’  

For the full article by Michel Lagase, visit the website here.

Images courtesy of the RTBF info website.

Posted by Anna Bearfield, Centenary News