Burial of an Unknown soldier, [11/9/21], courtesy of United States Library of Congress

Is America "indifferent" to the First World War Centenary?

Posted on centenarynews.com on 21 April 2013
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Date of publication: 28/03/2013

Mike Neiberg, member of the International Society for First World War Studies, discusses the Centenary of the First World War in America.

Mr. Neiberg discusses a sense of apathy towards the Centenary in America, citing examples such "two different American publishers have recently told me that they... do not want to sign World War I books... they were worried that general American indifference toward the war would lead to poor sales".

Mr. Neiberg also discusses the recent international World War One Centenary conference held in Kansas City, USA, which he attended, alongside Centenary News' Editor.

To read the full article, visit International Society for First World Studies here.

Images courtesy of the International Society for First World Studies website.

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News