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European Museums during the First World War conference, 2014

Posted on on 02 April 2013
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The H Art-Hist network has announced that a conference focusing on museums during the First World War will be held at Technische Universität, Berlin, in 2014.

The conflict posed great challenges for museums in Europe "on the Western as well as on the Eastern Front. Museum activities were interrupted or disordered for many years due to destruction and evacuations".

The aim of the conference is to "highlight, for the first time, the fate of museum buildings, museum collections, and museum collaborators during the First World War in a transnational and comparative perspective".

The conference will be held from 18th-20th September 2014.

A call for papers has been made, to be submitted by 30th April 2013.

To find out more about the conference, visit the H Art-Hist website here.

Images courtesy of the H Art-Hist website.

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News