Massey University Foundation receives $500,000 grant for three volumes of Centenary History of New Zealand

Posted on on 03 May 2013
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The Massey University Foundation has received a $500,000 grant in lottery funding towards three volumes of 'the Centenary History of New Zealand and the First World War' project.

"Up to 13 volumes will be published on different aspects of the conflict, covering the major campaigns in Europe and the Middle East, New Zealanders’ contributions in the air and sea, the experiences of soldiers at the front and civilians at home, the Maori war effort, and the war’s impact and legacy".

Professor of War Studies Glyn Harper, who is writing one volume for the project said he was "delighted" that the funding had been secured.

Professor Harper called the funding "a significant development in this project" and that educating people was an important aspect of the project.

"Military history is our family history... For a small nation we made a huge contribution. We want to ensure we can faithfully produce a history worthy of those who served and suffered in this most terrible of wars".

To read the full press release, visit the Massey University website here.

Date of press release publication: 29/04/2013

Images courtesy of the Massey University website.

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News