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Mayor of Sarajevo tells Centenary News “it is important to remind ourselves of the tragic consequences of war and send a message of peace”

Posted on on 28 June 2013
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In an interview given to Tanja Bonny for Centenary News, the Mayor of Sarajevo, Ivo Komsic, speaks about how the city needs to “send an encouraging message of peace” for the Centenary of the Archduke’s assassination.

He said the Centenary of the assassination on June 28th 2014 will see a number of “cultural, commemorative, scientific and sporting events” taking place in the city.

The Mayor told Centenary News that “the message of overcoming disagreements and difficulties, of solidarity in the world, of living in peace and tolerance”, is central to the events taking place to mark the Centenary in Sarajevo.

A number of projects will be taking place, bringing together Austria, France, Germany and the United Kingdom - as well as other countries in the region - in what the Mayor said will be known as "Sarajevo 2014".

A visit by the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra, the reopening of Sarajevo Library and the production of a film entitled “The Bridges of Sarajevo”, are all part of plans to commemorate the Centenary in June 2014.

Funding for the programme will come from countries taking part in the commemorations in Sarajevo, as well as from the European Union. The Mayor said: "all of us wish to promote peace, freedom, coexistence and togetherness in Europe and the world”.

Mayor Komsic added “Sarajevo in 2014 will have the attention of the whole world” and it is “important to remind ourselves of the tragic consequences of war and send a message of peace”.

Mayor Komsic highlighted the impact the First World War had on the course of twentieth century, and how events in the Balkans region throughout the twentieth century were rooted in the conflict.

Messages of “solidarity, peace and tolerance” are “important for young people”, the Mayor said, “they need to have faith in the future, not only here, but in the rest of the world where people are living with desperation, conflict and mistrust”.

To read the full interview, click here.

Interview carried out and translated by: Tanja Bonny