The Bible Society searches for "stories about the Scriptures within the context of World War 1"

Posted on on 30 June 2013
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The Bible Society is calling on people to share stories or heirlooms relating to the Bible during the First World War in time for the Centenary.

The Bible Society stated that it had been "heartened" by stories which highlighted "how much gratitude was shown for the gift of a Bible by the sick and wounded soldiers, by refugees, those held as prisoners of war and for the troops marching to the front" during the First World War.

The Bible Society reports that "over nine million Bibles were distributed through the war years".

As such, "we are thinking there must be thousands of stories of Biblical significance in existence".

The Bible Society has made a call for anyone who has "stories about the Scriptures within the context of World War 1", to contact them.

Images courtesy of the Bible Society website

Source: Bible Society website

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News