Britain and France sign Letter of Intent for Centenary co-operation to aim for "successful and appropriate" commemorations

Posted on on 04 July 2013
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Britain and France have signed a Letter of Intent about collaborating on Centenary events.

Dr. Andrew Murrison MP, the British Prime Minister's Special Representative the Centenary Commemorations, visited France this week to sign the letter.

The French  Minister for Veteran's Affairs, Kader Arif, signed the letter on behalf of the French Government.

He said the aim of the letter was to ensure that the events for the 100 anniversary of the conflict were "successful and appropriate".

Dr. Murrison also said that both countries agreed to set out to get "maximum education value" for the Centenary.

Centenary News' Stephanie Howe interviewed Dr. Murrison in his office at the Ministry of Defence - and began by asking him about his visit to France.

To watch the full interview, click here.