International Peace Bureau 'Making Peace' photographic exhibition to mark Centenary of the First World War

Posted on on 07 July 2013
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The International Peace Bureau has announced that it will be marking the Centenary with showings of its Making Peace photographic exhibition in "a number of European cities, notably Strasbourg".

Making Peace is a "major photographic exhibition that presents the international peace movement in its broadest sense and how these persons and organizations have shaped and influenced the course of the 20th century".

The cities selected to host the Making Peace exhibition "in their own special way symbolize a commitment to peace in Europe".

Further details about the Making Peace photograph exhibition to mark the 100 year anniversary of the conflict will be released at a later date.

To find out more about the International Peace Bureau, click here.

Images courtesy of the Making Peace website

Source: Making Peace website

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News