International WW1 Photography Project Launched

Posted on on 30 November 2011
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Date of publication: February 2008

Anglo-Irish Photographer Mike St Maur Sheil is planning an international photography exhibition with a twist.

Working in conjunction with a French journalist, Laurent Loiseau, Sheil has unveiled plans for a travelling photographic exhibition - or 'street galleries' - examining the traces of the Great War in France and other countries in Europe.

Named 'Fields of Battle - Lands of Peace 2014-2018' the project will create photographic exhibitions in urban settings showing the landscapes and traces of the Great War. Instead of the audience having to visit a museum or gallery, this traveling exhibition will be shown outdoors, a concept pioneered by the design company wecommunic8, with whom Sheil will be working to bring his outdoor galleries to life.

This is an international project that has already had backing from the French Prime Minister Nicolas Sarkozy, and Sheil hopes that the project could unite countries participating in commemorations. Apart from France, Sheil has received support and expressions of interest from several other governments. If you'd like to see examples of his Mike Sheil's photographic work, click here.

Images courtesy of the Western Front Photography website.