The grave of Private George Price - killed minutes before the Armistice - at CWGC St Symphorien Cemetery in Mons. This picture was taken at commemorations on 23 August 2014 marking the 100th anniversary of the Battle of Mons in 1914 (Photo: Centenary News)

Focus on Armistice Centenary - Mons 2018

Posted on on 02 January 2018
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Two days of commemorations are planned in Mons on November 10 & 11 to mark the centenary of the Belgian city's liberation, at the very end of the First World War.

Events include a remembrance service at CWGC St Symphorien Cemetery - where the first and last Commonwealth soldiers killed in action are buried, together with many other British and German troops. 

Private George Price, a Canadian soldier shot minutes before the Armistice came into effect on 11 November 1918rests close to Private John Parr, a British soldier who died on 21 August 1914 as the German army approached Mons.

Buried opposite John Parr is Private George Ellison, the last British soldier to be killed before the November 11 ceasefire.

Almost equal numbers of Commonwealth and German soldiers are commemorated at St Symphorien Cemetery. The site, originally established by the German authorities after the Battle of Mons in 1914, passed into the care of the Commonwealth War Graves Commission - CWGC - after the First World War (Photo: Centenary News)

For the 2018 Centenary, a new memorial will be dedicated to Private George Price close to where he fell at Ville-sur-Haine, east of Mons.

Canadian troops entered Mons in the final hours of the Great War. In August 1914, the outnumbered British Expeditionary Force had been forced to retreat from Mons after its first Western Front clash with the Germans.

Despite the Armistice agreement, the armies of all sides are estimated to have suffered thousands of casualties on 11 November 1918. Fighting continued along the Western Front in the six hours between the ceasefire being signed at Compiègne and its implementation at 11 o'clock.

For details of Mons 2018 Centenary events, see VisitMons. 

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