International Network for the Study of the Great War in Africa

Posted on on 07 August 2013
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The International Network for the Study of the Great War in Africa was established in January 2013 and "encourages collaborative research and interdisciplinary exchange" amongst its members.

"In 1914 when the First World War started, all major European powers, with the exception of the Habsburg Empire, ruled over territories outside Europe".

"Although most of the clashes occurred on European soil, the involvement of the African continent played an essential role within the Great War, which was a fundamental expression of the globalisation of the conflict: for over four years Africa provided human and material resources on an unprecedented scale to the Western Front".

"From the “black continent” standpoint, it is worth noting how the First World War contrasted in terms of objectives, impact, scale and duration with the many conflicts that erupted throughout the nineteenth century. These conflicts were conducted mainly against native populations, and motivated by local and limited objectives".

The Network is based at the Instituto de História Contemporânea at NOVA University of Lisbon and aims to promote studies related to the African front of the First World War.

The Network analyses topics such as:

(i) the dispute of empires;

(ii) the mobilisation and the strategy of the European powers toward war in Africa;

(iii) the protection, preservation and maintenance of the integrity of colonial empires;

(iv) race and empire;

(v) social and cultural history of soldiers in colonial armies;

(vi) war and religion in Africa;

(vii) war and peace in Africa.

The Network highlights that when it comes to the conflict in Africa, "this particular front continues to be one of the less studied aspects of the First World War".

The members of the network include:

Santanu Das (King’s College – University of London)

Richard Fogarty (University at Albany – SUNY)

Michelle Moyd (Indiana University – Bloomington)

Michael Neiberg (US Army War College)

Melvin E. Page, East Tennessee State University

Ana Paula Pires (IHC and FCSH-UNL)

Remy Porte (Service Historique de la Défense)

Pierre Purseigle (Yale University)

Maria Fernanda Rollo (IHC and FCSH-UNL)

Anne Samson (Great War in East Africa Association)

The Network holds an annual conference in July and "intends to become an international forum for dialogue among the Great War in Africa scholars community, keeping them updated on current research topics. It is open to everyone". As such, membership is free.

To join the Network, contact:

Source: Great War in Africa blog

Images courtesy of the Great War in Africa blog

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News

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