British Prime Minister's Centenary comments criticised by Jeremy Paxman

Posted on on 08 October 2013
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Jeremy Paxman, the host of the BBC's political talk show, Newsnight, has criticised the Prime Minister's comments that the Centenary commemorations should be "like the Diamond Jubilee celebrations".

David Cameron made the comments in October 2012, when he announced £50 million funding for the Centenary commemorations. Paxman, who is presenting a five part series about the conflict to mark the Centenary, spoke of his concerns that the 100 year anniversary could turn into a "celebration of war".

"We shouldn't 'celebrate' the outbreak of the First World War. But not to recognise that it was one of the most consequential events in our history would just be perverse".

To read the full article, visit the BBC News website here.

Date of article publication: 08/10/2013

Images courtesy of the BBC