Michael Morpurgo riding Joey from the National Theatre's production of 'War Horse'

Michael Morpurgo writes about the Centenary: "We should honour those who died... but we should never glorify"

Posted on centenarynews.com on 01 January 2014
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Writing in The Guardian, the author of War Horse, Michael Morpurgo, writes about his own family connections to the First World War and why he believes there should be no "glorification" of the conflict during the Centenary.

"If they gave their todays for our tomorrows, then, I am sure, after all they went through, and died for, they would wish to see us doing all we can to create a world of peace and goodwill, a world that one day will turn its back on war for good".

To read the full article, visit The Guardian website here.

Date of article publication: 01/01/2014

Images courtesy of Michael Morpurgo's website

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News