Fighting on the Home Front: The Legacy of Women in World War One

Posted on on 14 February 2014
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Author: Kate Adie
Publication Date: 26 September 2013

Publisher’s Description

"In l914 the world changed forever. When World War One broke out and a generation of men went off to fight, bestselling author Kate Adie shows how women emerged from the shadows of their domestic lives.

Now a visible force in public life, they began to take up essential roles - from transport to policing, munitions to sport, entertainment, even politics. They had finally become citizens, a recognised part of the war machine, acquiring their own rights and often an independent income.

This is history at its best - a vivid, compelling account of the pioneering women who helped win the war as well as a revealing assessment of their legacy for women's lives today".

Centenary News Comment

Comment by: Eleanor Baggley, Centenary News Books Editor

Written by the BBC’s former news correspondent Kate Adie, Fighting on the Home Front focuses on the women who became part of the war machine as nurses, farmers, entertainers, munitions workers and even footballers. Through first-hand research Adie unearths some truly enlightening materials and sheds new light on women working on the Home Front".

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