'Men of the 1/4th King's African Rifles at Njombe, German East Africa', courtesy of the Imperial War Museum, © IWM, Q 34470

Call for papers & participation: The Great War in Africa Conference 2014, Lisbon

Posted on centenarynews.com on 21 February 2014
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The Great War Africa Association and The International Network for the Study of the Great War in Africa are organising The Great War in Africa conference.

It will be held on the 14th-15th July 2014 at the Instituto de História Contemporânea at Universidade Nova de Lisboa, Portugal.

The two organisations have decided to hold this join conference "in recognition of the growing interest in the African theatres of the war".

They are aiming to bring together people interested in the conflict - both amateurs and professionals - in order to "share and extend" their knowledge.

Call for papers

In particular, contributions will be sought from those working on:

- Military, political, social, economic or cultural themes around the campaigns.

- The dispute of empires including the mobilisation and strategy of the European powers towards the war in Africa.

- Heritage, including archival, archaeological, documentary and family history.

- The impact of the campaign or aspects of it, including representations of the campaign through time, memory studies, re-enactment, literature and film.

The deadline to submit an abstract or proposal of no more than 300 words is the 30th April 2014. Please send your abstract/proposal and a one page CV to: greatwarinafrica2014@gmail.com

Working languages: Portuguese and English

Cost: Students, 10 euros; Other researchers, 20 euros

Source: The International Network for the Stud of the Great War in Africa

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News