The Garden of the 6th Continent, Péronne (Courtesy of the Conseil général de la Somme)

Somme town of Péronne to host international opening for First World War Centenary peace garden

Posted on on 26 June 2014
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UNESCO ambassadors and representatives from more than 80 countries will attend the inauguration of a Centenary peace garden in the Somme département of France on 2nd July 2014. 

Dedicated to peace and meetings between the world's youth, the Garden of the 6th Continent has been created in Péronne, next to the Historial Museum of the Great War. 

There'll be a programme of events open to the public from 4pm.

The ceremony takes place a day after commemorations in the Somme, marking the 98th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme in 1916.

The Garden of the 6th Continent has been commissioned by the Conseil général de la Somme, and designed by the landscape artist Gilles Clément, as part of a series of commemorative projects for the Centenary.

Two islands have been created on the Cam Pond, close to the Historial Museum of the Great War. One symbolises peace and the other, the five continents. Visitors will be invited to contribute plants.

A concert of music to mark the opening, written by a 20-year-old French composer, Anne de Boysson, will be performed by young cellists from five continents.

The afternoon and evening events for the public include music and free admission to the Historial Museum from 6.30pm.

Information & images supplied by the Conseil générale de la Somme

Posted by Peter Alhadeff, Centenary News