RMS Lusitania coming into port, possibly in New York, 1907-13. Image courtesy of George Grantham Bain - George Grantham Bain Collection (Library of Congress).

'Lusitania: The War at the Mouth of the Mersey' Audio Installation

Posted on centenarynews.com on 12 November 2014
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The Lusitania's sinking in 1915 by a German U-Boat had a huge impact upon Liverpool communities. As her home port, many of the ship's crew, officers, stewards and stewardesses came from Merseyside. For the ship's crew and their families, the frontline was the mouth of the River Mersey, gateway to the Irish Sea - then popularly known as "U-Boat Alley".

Working in association with Merseyside Maritime Museum and the Theatre in the Rough Festival, writers from across the region have researched the Lusitania's stories, and created a series of audio dramas which are currently touring in a bespoke sound installation. The plays look at everything from individual losses to the anti-German riots that engulfed Liverpool following the Lusitania's sinking, and one of the pieces was even written by the great-grandneice of William Docherty, one of the youngest survivors.

The audio pieces are also available to listen to or download, free of charge, at the project's website: www.theatreintherough.com/lusitania.htm

Posted by: Hannah Schneider, Centenary News