Centenary Update: more photos of centenary event at Scarborough

Posted on centenarynews.com on 16 December 2014
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Here are more Centenary News photos of today's remembrance event in Scarborough - 100 years after the bombardment of the town.

          The remembrance bench - with poppies laid by local school children.

          The podium in front of the Town Hall

          Side view of remembrance event in front of Town Hall

          The audience with the sea as the backdrop to the event

          The RNLI and other ships laying wreaths off the coast

          Audience standing during the two minutes silence

          Scarborough bay - viewed from the remembrance event

          The Grand Hotel, badly damaged in the attack, can be seen in the background

          The sun rising over the North Sea at Scarborough during the event.

Photos by Centenary News

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