IWM Launches 'Faces Of The First World War' Project

Posted on centenarynews.com on 11 November 2011
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The IWM is collaborating with Flickr to publish a photo and biographical details of one WW1 Soldier per day until the Centenary starts in 2014.

Announcing the project today, Armistice Day, the IWM wants to put a face and details to the names of soldiers lost in WW1, the names that one sees inscribed on war memorials throughout the country, but that have no background details attached to them.

Named the 'Faces of the first Word War' project, the aim is to add a more poignant and personal touch to the understanding of WW1 experiences.  The photographs, a hundred of which have been uploaded today, have been in the Museum's collection since 1917 when many people sent the museum photos of the men they had lost (sometimes sending their only photo) for the museum to commemorate in their archive and exhibitions.

Images courtesy of the IWM website.

To read more about the IWM's project, click here.