Residents of Rajasthan’s Pali district, India, oppose plans for Turkish First World War memorial

Posted on on 12 July 2013
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The Hindustan Times reports that residents of Sumerpur in Rajasthan’s Pali district in India are opposing plans by the Turkish Government to establish a First World War memorial in the area for Turkish soldiers.

The 149 Turkish soldiers buried in the area were taken prisoner by British forces during the First World War.

A local retired soldier, Nahar Singh, said: “This area is dominated by Rajputs who were famous for their valour. The Rajputs participated in both the World Wars. There is no example of any Rajput war memorial in any other country so why are they allowing a memorial for foreign soldiers in our town[?] We will oppose it tooth and nail”.

Ambrish Kumar, Pali district collector said: "The ministry of external affairs (MEA) has given permission to the Turkey government for building a memorial for their soldiers. But they have not started work till now. Few of the locals are protesting against it but there is no law and order situation”. 

To read the full article, visit The Hindustan Times website here.

Date of article publication: 11/07/2013

Images courtesy of The Hindustan Times

Posted by: Daniel Barry, Centenary News