Oxford University: The Great War and Global History conference, 2014

Posted on centenarynews.com on 29 July 2013
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Oxford University is to host a conference entitled 'The Great War and Global History' in January 2014.

The conference is a collaboration between Oxford University, the Changing Character of War programme at the university and the Maison Française d'Oxford - "a hub of Franco-British academic collaborations", based in Oxford.

'The Great War and Global History' conference will take place on the 9th-10th of January 2014.

The conference programme will focus on seven themes: Finance; Geopolitics; Identities; Manpower; Myths; Resistance; and Revolution.

Conference programme


Patrick O’Brien (London School of Economics)
‘Warfare with Revolutionary and Napoleonic France and the Consolidation of British Industrial Supremacy’

Georges-Henri Soutou (Paris University)
‘They Marched Singing into Bankruptcy: Finance in the First World War’


Tonio Andrade (Atlanta University)
‘The Global Military Balance: A Long View, 900-1918’

Naoko Shimazu (Birkbeck University)
Title to be confirmed. 


Hervé Drévillon (Paris University)

‘Identities and Otherness as Agents of Globalization in Early Modern Wars‘

Tamara Scheer (Ludwig Boltzmann-Institute for Social Science History, Vienna)

‘Habsburg Empire’s National Identities during World War One’


Jos Gommans (Leiden University)
‘Fair Play in Early Modern Warfare’

Douglas Porch (California University)
‘From Carnot to Reynaud: The Ascent and Disintegration of the French Nation in Arms, 1793-1940’


Margaret MacMillan (Oxford University)
Title to be confirmed. 

Sudhir Hazareesingh (Oxford University)
Title to be confirmed. 


Martin Ceadel (Oxford University)
Title to be confirmed. 

Karen Hagemann (University of North Carolina)
‘Women, War and the Nation: Gendering the History of the Wars Against Napoleon’ 


Dominic Lieven (Cambridge University)
‘Imperialism, War and Revolution: a Russian Angle’

Hans van de Ven (Cambridge University)
Title to be confirmed. 


To find out more about the conference, visit the University of Oxford Global History website, here.

Images courtesy of the University of Oxford Global History website

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