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A day of solemn ceremony - as global events close the WW1 Centenary with pledges 'Not to Forget'

11 November 2018

After more than four years of commemorations, the First World War Centenary came to an end on November 11 with international tributes and pleas to work for peace on the 100th anniversary of the 1918 Armistice.

St Symphorien tributes to the fallen of 1914 and 1918

11 November 2018

The first and the last British and Commonwealth soldiers killed in action in the Great War have been remembered in Armistice Centenary ceremonies at the cemetery in Belgium where they lie together.

Belgium & Canada honour last Commonwealth soldier killed in WW1

11 November 2018

Centenary News watches the official opening of the George Price Memorial, near Mons, commemorating the death of the last Commonwealth soldier to die in action in World War 1 before the Armistice took effect.

UK National Service of Remembrance & 'People's Procession' mark Armistice Centenary in London

11 November 2018

As well as events around Britain, the end of the First World War was marked in London by a National Service of Remembrance and a special procession of 10,000 members of the public past the Cenotaph in Whitehall.

Farewell to the Centenary: more photos from Mons

11 November 2018

More pictures from the Armistice Centenary commemorations in Mons, as our own coverage of the 2014-2018 events marking the 100th anniversary of the First World War comes to an end. 

The Armistice - the Guns of the Great War fell silent 100 years ago today

11 November 2018

The Armistice ending the First World War was agreed in Marshal Foch’s train at Compiègne early on the morning of 11 November 1918, coming into effect at 11 o'clock.

Centenary Update - Royal visit to Shrouds of the Somme

09 November 2018

Princess Anne has toured the Shrouds of the Somme tribute marking the WW1 Armistice Centenary at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.

Kaiser Wilhelm loses throne - 9 November 1918

09 November 2018

Germany’s Emperor, Wilhelm II, was forced to quit two days before the end of the First World War, his abdication unilaterally announced by the Chancellor.

Centenary tribute to Wilfred Owen on the Sambre-Oise Canal

04 November 2018

Centenary News joined a commemorative procession in Northern France on November 4, honouring the poet and soldier Wilfred Owen, 100 years to the day after he was killed in action in one of the last battles of the First World War.

Postal tribute marks Wilfred Owen Centenary

04 November 2018

A commemorative cover honouring Wilfred Owen has been released by the British Forces Philatelic Service to remember his death in action 100 years ago today - on 4 November 1918.

New Zealand commemorates 1918 liberation of Le Quesnoy

04 November 2018

New Zealanders gathered in the French town of Le Quesnoy on 4 November 2018 for events commemorating the 100th anniversary of their last major action of the First World War.

Armistice Centenary events update - November 2018

01 November 2018

An update on some of the national, international and local commemorations coming up to mark the end of the First World War 100 years ago this month.

'Forgotten Wrecks of the First World War' charted in new online resource

30 October 2018

The Maritime Archaeology Trust has released an interactive map, bringing together the results of its centenary investigation into hundreds of WW1 shipwreck sites off England's south coast.

Armistice Centenary - German President invited to UK Cenotaph Service

29 October 2018

President Frank-Walter Steinmeier will become the first German leader to lay a wreath at Britain’s annual Remembrance Sunday service in Whitehall, the UK Government confirms.

Full list of beaches named for WW1 'Pages of the Sea' commemoration

28 October 2018

More than 30 beaches across the UK and Republic of Ireland will be hosting Danny Boyle's 14-18 NOW Armistice Centenary event, remembering those who left to serve in the First World War.

The last days of WW1 - October/November 1918

26 October 2018

A Centenary News glance at key events in the closing days of the Great War, as the Ottoman and Austro-Hungarian Empires stopped fighting, and Germany too edged towards a ceasefire. 

Armistice Centenary - Light to shine on Artois 'Great Vigil' for the fallen

25 October 2018

Candle-lit vigils will be held at 270 cemeteries and memorials across Artois at nightfall on 10 November 2018 to commemorate all those who didn't live to see the Armistice ending the Great War.

Poppy of Honour memorial to Great War fallen

23 October 2018

Centenary News visits the 'Poppy of Honour' at  Wincanton, in southwest England, a new memorial bearing the names of 1,115,471 British and Commonwealth dead or missing of the First World War. 

'Fields of Mud, Seeds of Hope' at Ripon Cathedral

22 October 2018

Artist Dan Metcalfe combines soil from Yorkshire and Passchendaele in a sculpture at Ripon Cathedral commemorating the sacrifices of those who returned from WW1, as well as those who did not.

Armistice Centenary events round-up, October/November 2018

18 October 2018

A Centenary News look at some of the national, international and local commemorations coming up to mark the end of the First World War 100 years ago.

'Shaping Our Sorrow' - CWGC archive display launches for Armistice Centenary

14 October 2018

More than 600 documents and photos from the Commonwealth War Graves Commission’s extensive archives have been released online for the end of the First World War Centenary.

Scuttle of the German fleet in Scapa Flow - November conference in Orkney

10 October 2018

International historians will discuss the impact and legacy of the sinking of Germany’s First World War surface fleet, at a conference in Orkney in November 2018.

'Great War Symphony' receives world premiere

09 October 2018

'The Great War Symphony' - a new choral work written for the close of the WW1 Centenary by British composer Patrick Hawes - is being given its world première at the Royal Albert Hall, London, tonight (October 9).

Islay marks centenary of HMS Otranto tragedy

06 October 2018

The loss of a First World War troopship carrying American soldiers to Europe in October 1918 has been remembered on the Hebridean island of Islay.

'Weeping Window' poppy display opens at IWM London

05 October 2018

The final presentation of the Tower of London WW1 Centenary poppies tour is under way at the Imperial War Museum.

100 Years Ago - Bulgaria exits the First World War

30 September 2018

The Central Powers were left exposed in the Balkans, after Bulgaria dropped out of WW1 under an armistice which came into effect on 30 September 1918.

100 Years Ago - 'Tout Le Monde à La Bataille', Allies strike across Western Front

26 September 2018

In the dying days of September 1918, an Allied onslaught in Northern France and Flanders, coupled with defeats for the Central Powers on other fronts, forced German overtures for an armistice.

The Meuse-Argonne: Remembering America's biggest battle

26 September 2018

Patrick Gregory reports from US commemorations in France, marking the Centennial of the battle that opened the last Allied campaigns on the Western Front.

Armistice Centenary - Update on French events

23 September 2018

President Macron will meet the German Chancellor, Angela Merkel, at Compiègne - and also tour regions of France devastated by the First World War as part of nationwide events marking the Armistice Centenary. 

Armistice Centenary - Australian War Memorial events in Canberra

23 September 2018

A display of 62,000 poppies, representing Australia's fallen in WW1, and a beam of light are among events announced by the Australian War Memorial in Canberra to commemorate  the centenary of the Armistice.

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