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Armistice Centenary events update - November 2018

01 November 2018

An update on some of the national, international and local commemorations coming up to mark the end of the First World War 100 years ago this month.

Full list of beaches named for WW1 'Pages of the Sea' commemoration

28 October 2018

More than 30 beaches across the UK and Republic of Ireland will be hosting Danny Boyle's 14-18 NOW Armistice Centenary event, remembering those who left to serve in the First World War.

'Fields of Mud, Seeds of Hope' at Ripon Cathedral

22 October 2018

Artist Dan Metcalfe combines soil from Yorkshire and Passchendaele in a sculpture at Ripon Cathedral commemorating the sacrifices of those who returned from WW1, as well as those who did not.

Armistice Centenary events round-up, October/November 2018

18 October 2018

A Centenary News look at some of the national, international and local commemorations coming up to mark the end of the First World War 100 years ago.

'Great War Symphony' receives world premiere

09 October 2018

'The Great War Symphony' - a new choral work written for the close of the WW1 Centenary by British composer Patrick Hawes - is being given its world première at the Royal Albert Hall, London, tonight (October 9).

'Weeping Window' poppy display opens at IWM London

05 October 2018

The final presentation of the Tower of London WW1 Centenary poppies tour is under way at the Imperial War Museum.

'Battle of the Ancre' film in Bristol for Armistice Centenary

21 September 2018

The official film of the British Army’s autumn campaign on the Somme in 1916 will be screened in Bristol, with live music, as part of an Armistice Centenary tour in November.

Latest Armistice Centenary exhibitions open at IWM

20 September 2018

Four exhibitions have opened at the Imperial War Museum in London as part of Making a New World - IWM’s season of events for the close of the First World War Centenary.

'Diggers & Doughboys' - special exhibition at US National WWI Museum

11 September 2018

A century of military ties between Australia and America, beginning on the Western Front in 1918, is explored through art in a new exhibition opening at the US National WWI Museum & Memorial, Kansas City.

Poppy sculpture 'Wave' in Centenary finale at IWM North

08 September 2018

Wave, one of the touring Tower of London poppy sculptures, is going on display at Imperial War Museums' waterfront site in Manchester, its final stop of the First World War Centenary. 

Centenary revival for opera of love & betrayal in WW1 France

01 September 2018

An opera based on the true story of stranded British soldiers who were sheltered by French villagers from 1914-16 is being revived for a First World War Centenary production.

'Storming the Skies' - The First World War in Italy in photos

01 August 2018

Centenary News toured an exhibition of photographs at the Army & Navy Club in London offering a rare glimpse, for UK eyes, of the First World War campaigns on the Italian Front.

'Making a New World' - IWM opens final WW1 Centenary programme

26 July 2018

A season of events exploring 'how the First World War has shaped today’s society' is starting at Imperial War Museums with Lest We Forget? - an exhibition at IWM North, Manchester. 

100 days remembering Wilfred Owen in Shropshire

22 July 2018

Wide-ranging commemorations for the life and work of the British First World War poet and soldier Wilfred Owen have been announced in the county of his birth.

Leeds Minister tribute to lives lived & lost in the First World War

01 July 2018

Tributes are being paid to 76 British soldiers named on the church war memorial at Leeds Minster as part of 'There But Not There' - a commemorative art installation touring the UK in the final WW1 Centenary year.

Memorial dedicated to millions of horses lost in the Great War

08 June 2018

The horses, mules and donkeys from all sides who never returned from the First World War have been honoured with their own memorial in Britain.

Update on Shrouds of the Somme & 'The Trench'

15 May 2018

A trench of shrouded figures, each representing a First World War soldier who has no known grave, is the latest tribute from Shrouds of the Somme creator Rob Heard, ahead of a display marking the Armistice Centenary in November 2018.

WW1 ‘Tommies’ launch final year Centenary campaign

28 February 2018

Life-size figures of British soldiers are appearing as part of a new charity art project -There But Not There - commemorating the 2018 centenary of the end of the First World War.

The Great War Symphony - a 'Monument in Music' for the Centenary

21 January 2018

Centenary News has listened in to recording of 'The Great War Symphony' - a new choral work specially written for the closing WW1 commemorations by British composer Patrick Hawes.

2018 Events - 'Shrouds of the Somme' in Armistice Centenary tribute

31 December 2017

British artist Rob Heard is individually stitching more than 72,000 shrouded figures to mark the 100th anniversary of the Armistice ending the First World War.

Final Tower Poppies tour venues named

30 December 2017

Six cities are to host the Tower of London Poppies in 2018, the last year of their UK tour marking the First World War Centenary.

'Making a New World' - 2018 Centenary events coming up at IWM

29 December 2017

As well as displaying the Tower of London Poppies, Imperial War Museums announce they will also hold a programme of special events in 2018 to close their First World War Centenary commemorations.

Review of WW1 Centenary year 2017

27 December 2017

Centenary News looks back at some of many events in 2017 commemorating the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

WW1 memorials built in 1917 'listed' for conservation

18 December 2017

Eight memorials dedicated to the dead of the Great War in 1917 have been newly listed for preservation in their centenary year by the UK Government.

Military Wives Choirs campaign to record 2018 Centenary album

02 December 2017

More than 70 British Military Wives Choirs are uniting with military bands from all three services to record a new album commemorating the end of the WW1 Centenary in 2018.

'Beyond the Battlefields' - Käthe Buchler’s Photographs of Germany in the Great War

20 October 2017

The work of a German photographer who focussed her camera on the home front is being displayed for the first time outside Germany, at twin UK exhibitions in Birmingham.

'Away from the Western Front' seeks musical recruits for new WW1 song

17 October 2017

A newly-composed song, reflecting the bitterness felt by West Indian troops at the end of the Great War, is being added to the familiar repertoire, with an invitation to perform it. 

14-18 NOW opens global campaign to map Tower Poppies online

06 September 2017

Owners of the ceramic Tower of London poppies are invited to 'pin' their current locations to a digital map for a new project launched by UK First World War Centenary arts programme, 14-18 NOW.

Passchendaele Centenary - 13 war memorials in England 'listed' or upgraded

29 July 2017

A memorial to a rugby star and a monument in a village built for disabled veterans are among 13 English war memorials newly listed for conservation, or upgraded, to mark the Battle of Passchendaele Centenary.

'Mud Soldier' rests in Trafalgar Square for Ypres/Passchendaele Centenary

25 July 2017

The wearied figure of a soldier, sculpted using mud from Passchendaele, has been unveiled in London as a reminder of the sacrifices made during the Third Battle of Ypres 100 years ago.

New 'War Horse' reading for 2017 Ypres/Passchendaele Centenary

16 July 2017

Author Michael Morpurgo will read a new short story in Ypres on Sunday 30 July at the start of commemorations for the Third Battle of Ypres/Passchendaele. 

NZ 'Victory Medal' sculpture to mark Flanders battle centenaries

03 June 2017

A commemorative work by sculptor Helen Pollock has moved to Messines for the next stage of New Zealand's First World War Centenary remembrance in Europe.

100 Years Ago: Commonwealth War Graves Commission founded

21 May 2017

The Imperial War Graves Commission - later renamed the Commonwealth War Graves Commission - was created by Royal Charter on 21 May 1917 to remember the Great War dead of Britain and its Dominions in perpetuity.

'Shrouds of the Somme' appeal for 2018 Armistice Centenary

12 May 2017

A crowd funding campaign has been launched to display a British artist's poignant tribute to the fallen of the Great War in London for the November 2018 Armistice Centenary.

Rare Ottoman Great War carpet for Australian War Memorial

11 May 2017

A silk carpet commemorating Turkey's victory over Allied naval power in the Dardanelles in March 1915 has been acquired by the Australian War Memorial, Canberra.

Canadian War Museum commemorates Battle of Vimy Ridge

07 April 2017

The Canadian War Museum, Ottawa, is marking the Battle of Vimy Ridge Centenary with upgrades to its existing Vimy display, and a special 100th anniversary exhibition, Vimy – Beyond the Battle.

'Fields of Battle Through Canadian Eyes' - Arras Centenary Exhibition

29 March 2017

The French city of Arras is hosting a touring exhibition of Canadian First World War art at the Musée des beaux-arts as part of the Battle of Arras Centenary commemorations.

'1917 - How One Year Changed the World': US Jewish history museum exhibition

21 March 2017

A centennial exhibition exploring the dramatic events of 1917 that reshaped America's role in the world has opened at the National Museum of American Jewish History in Philadelphia.

'National Myth & the First World War in Modern Popular Music'

10 March 2017

Cultural historian Dr Peter Grant talks about his new book charting the influence of the Great War on songwriters from the 1950s to the present day. 

100 Years Ago: The Imperial War Museum founded during WW1

05 March 2017

The Imperial War Museum was founded on 5 March 1917 when the British Government approved a proposal for a national museum to record events taking place while the First World War was still being fought.  

'Posters as Munitions, 1917' - Centennial exhibition at US WW1 museum

27 February 2017

A special exhibition illustrating the use of the poster as a propaganda weapon has opened at the National World War I Museum in Kansas City, Missouri.

WW1 Submarine Centenary: UK memorial wins added heritage protection

06 February 2017

Conservationists have upgraded the protected status of Britain's national memorial to submariners to safeguard its preservation for future generations.

'Away from the Western Front' project to highlight 'overlooked' campaigns

03 February 2017

A new project aims to raise awareness of the men and women from Britain and its former empire who served in the 'often overlooked' WW1 campaigns in Salonika, Egypt, Palestine, Syria, Mesopotamia and Africa.

War artist Wyndham Lewis to feature in IWM's 2017 Centenary events

27 January 2017

A major retrospective devoted to the First World War work of modernist painter Wyndham Lewis is among the special exhibitions announced for Imperial War Museums' Centenary year.

US WWI Museum seeks your vote on historic Great War posters

25 January 2017

Ahead of a new war poster exhibition, the National World War I Museum, Kansas City, is holding a global ballot to find the most popular choice with the public.

Poppy seeds highlight WW1 Centennial on US Inauguration Day

21 January 2017

US Centennial Commission volunteers handed out Flanders poppy seeds during the Presidential inauguration in Washington to raise awareness of America's forthcoming Great War commemorations.

'The Earth Remembers' - Arras honours New Zealand tunnellers for 2017 Centenary

11 January 2017

A new memorial honouring New Zealand's WW1 tunnellers is due to be inaugurated during the Battle of Arras Centenary commemorations in France in April 2017.  

Book launch - 'National Myth & the First World War in Modern Popular Music'

07 January 2017

A new book exploring how the First World War has influenced songwriters from the 1950s to the present day will be launched with a lecture by author Peter Grant in London on 7 March 2017.

Oxford seminars to explore 'how we can best commemorate war'

29 November 2016

Leading figures from the arts and politics will discuss post-war commemoration and reconciliation at a series of seminars in 2017-18, Oxford University announces. 

'Shrouds of the Somme' - Artist's Centenary tribute in Bristol

19 November 2016

As the 2016 Somme commemorations draw to a close, Centenary News finds the public deeply moved during another display of the 'Shrouds of the Somme' installation following its July debut in Exeter.

Somme Centenary - Battle's End poppy tribute in Folkestone

19 November 2016

Hundreds of metal poppies were 'planted' in the former WW1 Channel port of Folkestone on 19 November to mark the conclusion of the Battle of the Somme 100 years ago.

Poppies & Poems screened onto Big Ben for Remembrance Sunday

14 November 2016

Falling poppies, coupled with war poems, were projected onto Big Ben in the latest of the UK Parliament's WW1 Centenary tributes on Remembrance Sunday.

'World War I and American Art' - Centennial exhibition launching in Philadelphia

03 November 2016

The first major exhibition devoted to exploring how American artists reacted to the First World War opens this week at the Pennsylvania Academy of the Fine Arts Philadelphia.

Mission Centenaire seeks WW1 Centenary projects for 2017

23 October 2016

French Centenary organisation Mission Centenaire has outlined major anniversary themes for 2017 as it invites next year's WW1 projects to apply for endorsement.

Munitions site protected in tribute to women killed in WW1 blast

20 October 2016

The UK Government has protected the site of a First World War munitions factory in Leeds where 35 women were killed in an explosion in December 1916.

November exhibition focuses on New Zealand brothers' WW1 naval sketches

06 October 2016

Rare drawings of the First World War at sea by brothers Esmond and Hal Atkinson will be displayed at an exhibition in Petone, New Zealand, from 3-23 November 2016.

Centenary revival for First World War 'Shakespeare Hut'

18 July 2016

The story of a 'forgotten' building that entertained First World War soldiers with Shakespeare's plays is being rediscovered for the Centenary.

'We are here' - Centenary live tribute to soldiers of the Somme

03 July 2016

Volunteers dressed as First World War soldiers made unannounced appearances across the UK on July 1st, for a centenary project bringing home the scale of Britain's losses on the first day of the Battle of the Somme. 

Round-up of other Somme centenary memorial events

03 July 2016

As well as the commemorative events at Thiepval and Manchester, there were many other events in the UK and France that marked the centenary. 

Canadian War Museum focus on WW1 legacy in Newfoundland & Labrador

17 June 2016

Photo exhibitions launched at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, ahead of the Battle of the Somme Centenary, highlight the impact of the First World War on Newfoundland and Labrador.

Centennial expansion for US WWI Museum

14 June 2016

The US National World War I Museum in Kansas City talks to CN's Patrick Gregory about plans for major expansion of its gallery space.  

Blacksmiths to create WW1 Poppy Cenotaph in Flanders

22 May 2016

Blacksmiths and farriers from around the world are working on a project to create a steel cenotaph and poppies in Flanders, remembering people of all sides affected by the First World War.

'Her Side of the War' - Women at the front remembered in Flanders

10 May 2016

The stories of women who contributed to the Allied war effort are highlighted in Flanders with a special programme of events entitled 'Her Side of the War.'

IWM focus on historic Somme film for 2016 Centenary

22 April 2016

The pioneering documentary,The Battle of the Somme, is at the centre of Imperial War Museums' events marking the centenary of the 1916 offensive.

WW1 Australian hospital sketches revealed in France

20 April 2016

Previously unpublished portraits of Australian and British soldiers have been released online in a centenary tribute to the Allied forces who fought in France during the First World War.

Shell shock on the Somme - Centenary News speaks to Taylor Downing, author of 'Breakdown'

11 April 2016

Centenary News' Books Editor, Eleanor Baggley, talks to Taylor Downing about Breakdown, his new book focusing on 'the Crisis of Shell Shock on the Somme', and how it challenged preconceived notions of mental illness.

Major Austrian exhibition marks Emperor Franz Joseph death centenary

07 April 2016

Emperor Franz Joseph's 68-year reign is re-examined with simultaneous exhibitions in and around Vienna marking the centenary of his death during the First World War.

Somme Centenary - 2016 cultural programme at Péronne WW1 museum

21 March 2016

Conferences focussing on the German occupation of the Somme and France's role in the 1916 offensive feature in a centenary cultural programme organised by the Museum of the Great War, Péronne.

Berlin photo exhibition remembers Battle of Verdun

16 March 2016

Pictures of Verdun by British photographer Michael St Maur Sheil are displayed at a Franco-German exhibition in Berlin marking the centenary of the 1916 First World War battle.

Somme Centenary - Battlefield photos for City of London exhibition, June 2016

09 March 2016

Michael St Maur Sheil's evocative photographs of First World War landscapes return to London in June 2016 for an exhibition in Guildhall Yard marking the Battle of the Somme Centenary.

Song released for memorial to African & Caribbean veterans of both world wars

02 March 2016

A fund-raising single has been released by the Nubian Jak Community Trust in the UK in aid of a new memorial honouring African and Caribbean troops who fought for Britain in the First and Second World Wars.

'Wipers Times' again raises a smile for 2016 Centenary

15 February 2016

Rare moments of First World War humour are recaptured for the centenary of the Wipers Times, a satirical newspaper founded by two British army officers in Ypres in February 1916. 

UK acts to keep Lawrence of Arabia's dagger and robes

03 February 2016

The British Government has placed temporary export bans on a dagger and traditional robes worn by Lawrence of Arabia in the hope of finding a buyer to keep them in the UK.

Czech WW1 soldiers at Christmas - remembered on Radio Prague

27 December 2015

Czech soldiers' stories of Christmas in the First World War are told in a special programme broadcast on Radio Prague.

Tower of London Poppies - 2016 UK display venues announced

30 November 2015

The Tower of London poppy installations, Wave and Weeping Window, will next be displayed in Lincoln, Perth and Caernarfon, UK WW1 Centenary art commissioning body 14-18 NOW has announced.

Edith Cavell relative to speak at screening of 1928 film in Leeds

12 October 2015

A relative of Edith Cavell is to speak at a rare screening of Dawn, a silent film telling the story of the executed British nurse in occupied Brussels during the First World War.

France: Projects invited to seek 'Centenaire label' for 2016

01 August 2015

France's Nord Département is inviting applications from local Great War projects seeking endorsement by the Centenary partnership, Mission Centenaire, in 2016.

Rare WW1 portraits by Hilda Rix Nicholas join Australian War Memorial collection

27 July 2015

The Australian War Memorial has acquired a rare collection of portraits by an Australian artist whose work was inspired by her own loss during the First World War. 

Extra £4 million in UK lottery funding for First World War local heritage projects

06 July 2015

The UK's Heritage Lottery Fund is making an extra £4 million available for community projects exploring, conserving and sharing local heritage of the First World War.

Rare Zeppelin air raid warning 'mirror' saved on English coast

12 June 2015

A rare example of a First World War air raid warning system has been restored on England's North Sea coast after years of neglect.

'The Dreamers' - new musical tribute to soldiers lost at sea off Gallipoli

18 May 2015

A musical telling the story of a British officer and his soldiers who drowned at sea on their way to Gallipoli is being brought to the London stage in summer 2015.

New York event commemorates 'In Flanders Fields'

13 May 2015

Flanders House in New York held an event on 12 May 2015 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of John McCrae writing his poem 'In Flanders Fields'

100 Years Ago Today: John McCrae wrote ‘In Flanders Fields'

03 May 2015

It is believed that John McCrae wrote the famous poem on May 3rd 1915.

100 Years Ago Today: the death of the English poet Rupert Brooke

23 April 2015

The British poet died on his way to Gallipoli 100 years ago today on April 23rd 1915. The poet is well known in the UK – mainly for his sonnet ‘The Solider’.

Irish government launches year of commemorations for 1916 Easter Rising

07 April 2015

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny launches Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme to commemorate 1916 Easter Rising.

Documentary about Irish speaking soldiers in the First World War airing on BBC 2

28 March 2015

A documentary exploring Irish speaking Ulstermen during the First World War is to air on BBC 2 Northern Ireland on Sunday March 29th.

Exhibition opening: Dogs of the First World War photographic collection

23 March 2015

New exhibition explores vital role dogs played during the war years.

Faces of Conflict: Exeter exhibition explores impact of First World War on facial reconstructive surgery and art

20 March 2015

Exeter museum hosts exhibition exploring facial reconstruction surgery and art in the wake of the First World War.

'Gallipoli in Pictures' - soldier's 1915 campaign paintings unveiled in Northern Ireland

07 March 2015

A British officer's painting of a shell exploding over Gallipoli is among the highlights of a scrapbook of water-colours, sketches and photos released by the Public Record Office of Northern Ireland.

Italy: Photo display captures sites of the Alpine war

26 February 2015

An exhibition of photos focussing on landmarks of the Alpine war between Italy and Austria-Hungary can be seen at the Italian War History Museum in Rovereto until April 19th 2015.

Legacy of First World War Scottish bagpipers explored in Sutherland

11 February 2015

Musicians and researchers in the north of Scotland are working together to explore the role of music, particularly the bagpipes, during the First World War.

Centennial Countdown Blog Posting for January 2015

02 February 2015

The latest Centennial Countdown posting by the American First World War blogger Dennis Cross - covering January 1915. 

New exhibition in Melbourne celebrating cinema during the First World War

02 February 2015

To mark the Centenary, the Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), in association with the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, will present 'War Pictures: Australians at the Cinema 1914-1918'.

Parliament of New South Wales presents new exhibition

02 February 2015

The Parliament of New South Wales is marking the Centenary with a free public exhibition titled 'Politics & Sacrifice: NSW Parliament and the Anzacs', exploring the political aspects of the Great War. 

Delhi exhibition to pay tribute to Indian soldiers of World War I

21 January 2015

The Indira Gandhi National Centre for the Arts has opened 'India and the First World War - Commemorating 100 years of the Great War 1914-1918', a photographic exhibition about Indian soldiers who fought for Britain in WWI

Wilfred Owen’s home given special status on National Heritage List

21 January 2015

The last permanent home of the celebrated First World War poet, Lieutenant Wilfred Owen MC, has been listed as a Grade II protected building by British Heritage Minister Ed Vaizey.

'Propaganda and War' - First World War Centenary exhibition in Istanbul

09 January 2015

The Centenary is being marked in Turkey with an exhibition of First World War Ottoman documents and memorabilia at Koç University's Research Center for Anatolian Civilizations in Istanbul.

Centennial Countdown Blog Posting for December 2014

09 January 2015

The latest Centennial Countdown posting by the American First World War blogger Dennis Cross - covering December 1914.

Christmas truce: street art marks Centenary in London and Berlin

22 December 2014

German and British street artists have worked together on twinned projects in London and Berlin to mark the 100th anniversary of the 1914 Christmas truce.

'All Together Now' - Christmas truce song aims for Number One in the charts

15 December 2014

'All Together Now', the hit single inspired by the Christmas truce, has been released as a new track to mark the centenary of the 1914 ceasefires on the Western Front.

'Trench Brothers' teaches schoolchildren about ethnic minority soldiers in the First World War

12 December 2014

'Trench Brothers' is a First World War project for UK primary schools focusing on the role of ethnic minority soldiers and introducing the war through specially designed cross-curricular activities and lessons. 

Artist and museum collaborate on First World War centenary exhibition

04 December 2014

New Zealand Artist, Michael Parekowhai, has collaborated with Auckland War Memorial Museum for the First World War Centenary Exhibition.

New exhibitions at Manchester Art Gallery: 'The Sensory War' and 'Heaven in a Hell of War'

03 December 2014

Two new exhibitions have been launched at Manchester Art Gallery to mark the First World War Centenary: 'The Sensory War 1914-2014' and 'Stanley Spencer: Heaven in a Hell of War'. 

Double honours for First World War soldier's story at IWM film awards

02 December 2014

A film re-imagining the letters sent home by a British First World War soldier as a series of tweets has won two awards at the Imperial War Museum's 2014 Short Film Festival.

Christmas truce: countdown to Centenary events in December 2014

01 December 2014

Centenary News previews events coming up in December 2014 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Christmas truce on the Western Front.

The World War I in Africa Project: A visual exploration of an overlooked history

19 November 2014

'The World War I in Africa Project' has been launched to provide information on one of the most overlooked theatres of the war: Africa. 

Planting of last Tower of London poppy draws thousands on Armistice Day

11 November 2014

Huge crowds flocked to the Tower of London for the planting of the final ceramic poppy on November 11th 2014, the 96th anniversary of the Armistice ending the First World War.

'Thousand Voices for peace' - international choirs unite for Centenary concert in Brussels

07 November 2014

More than 1,000 singers from countries involved in the First World War come together to perform a concert for peace in Brussels on November 9th 2014.

'Barcelona, neutral zone (1914-1918)' Exhibition at the Joan Miró Foundation

05 November 2014

The Joan Miró Foundation of Barcelona presents 'Barcelona, neutral zone (1914-1918),' an exhibition that aims to represent the visual Barcelona during the period of the First World War.

'Vu du Front' - Major Centenary exhibition at the Army Museum, Paris

03 November 2014

A major exhibition in Paris, looking at the portrayal of the First World War by those who went to the Front, runs at the Army Museum in Les Invalides until January 25th 2014.

Historypin launches new First World War Centenary hub

28 October 2014

The community history website Historypin launched its new First World War Centenary hub at a special event in the UK Houses of Parliament on October 22nd 2014.

Centenary focus for Imperial War Museum's 2014 short film awards

24 October 2014

Films drawing on the Imperial War Museum's First World War archives are given prominent billing in IWM's Short Film Festival, which opened on October 23rd 2014.

Menin Gate Lions arrive at Canadian War Museum for 'Fighting in Flanders' exhibition

19 October 2014

Australia's Menin Gate Lions have been unveiled at the Canadian War Museum in Ottawa, where they will feature in a Centenary exhibition starting in November 2014.

The UK National Archives releases interactive online map to reveal the global reach of the First World War

15 October 2014

Launched in the summer of 2014, First World War: A Global View, is part of UK’s National Archives’ ongoing Centenary programme. First World War 100 is designed to help members of the public search through First World War records.

Poet Andrew Motion to read at Leeds University Centenary commemorations

14 October 2014

The former UK Poet Laureate, Sir Andrew Motion, will be taking part in events marking the First World War Centenary at Leeds University on October 22nd 2014.

UK National Archives launch First World War film competition

11 October 2014

The National Archives in the UK has chosen the First World War as this year's theme for a short film competition, using its collections to inspire budding film makers.

L'Adieu aux Armes - Roubaix remembers First World War with 4-year art show

03 October 2014

The French city of Roubaix has launched a four-year programme of art exhibitions commemorating the First World War Centenary in a gallery which used to be an art deco swimming pool.

Classic film telling the story of 1914 naval battles restored for Centenary

01 October 2014

The British Film Institute's First World War commemorations continue with a special screening of The Battles of Coronel and Falkland Islands, an epic recreation of two key naval battles 100 years ago.

Antwerp builds Centenary pontoon bridge to mark 1914 siege

01 October 2014

The 100th anniversary of the siege of Antwerp is being marked with the opening of a peace bridge across the River Scheldt on October 3rd 2014.

'The Orient in Bohemia?' Prague exhibition remembering First World War Jewish refugees

30 September 2014

The Jewish Museum in Prague focuses on Jewish refugees who fled the Eastern Front with an exhibition running until February 1st 2015.

'Screaming Steel' - Exhibition in UK city of Newcastle captures horrors of the War

24 September 2014

An exhibition examining artistic and literary responses to the horrors suffered by First World War soldiers can be seen at the Hatton Gallery, Newcastle upon Tyne, until December 13th 2014.

Australian War Memorial's 'Menin Gate Lions' go on loan for Centenary

22 September 2014

A pair of stone lions from the Australian War Memorial in Canberra will be lent to Canada for a First World War Centenary exhibition.

The Great War as recorded in the arts: an exhibition at London's Morley Gallery

17 September 2014

The Great War, as seen through both the fine and popular arts, is the theme of a Centenary exhibition which runs at the Morley Gallery in London until October 2nd 2014.

Wilfred Owen poetry contest winners announced

16 September 2014

The Wilfred Owen Association has announced the winners of its International Poetry Competition, held in memory of the First World War soldier and poet, Wilfred Owen.

Imperial War Museum announces Centenary global touring exhibition

15 September 2014

The Imperial War Museum is embarking on a new venture to display its First World War collection to a world audience.

'Great War/Great Read' - exploring classic writing of the First World War in Kansas City

29 July 2014

An American initiative encouraging people to explore the classic literature of the First World War is being launched in Kansas City by the National World War 1 Museum and Kansas City Public Library.

Centenary Requiem for Australia's First World War dead to have Sydney premiere

28 July 2014

The premiere of the first Australian musical composition commemorating those who fell in the Great War will be performed by Sydney University Graduate Choir on August 10th 2014.

France thanks First World War allies with Champs Elysées photo exhibition

26 July 2014

Paris will pay tribute to soldiers from home and abroad who fell fighting for the freedom of France in the First World War with an exhibition of 100 photos on the Champs Elysées.

Archive film release gives UK cinema audiences chance to see 1914 screen hits

26 July 2014

A special compilation of films which would have entertained cinema-goers in 1914 has been produced by the British Film Institute National Archive.

Wilfred Owen's First World War poetry returns to Craiglockhart in Centenary musical performance

23 July 2014

Bullets and Daffodils, a musical drama based on Wilfred Owen's First World War poetry, is to be performed at Craiglockhart in Edinburgh, scene of his inspirational meeting with Siegfried Sassoon.

First World War veteran 'dazzles' London for the Centenary

15 July 2014

A strikingly modern version of the dazzle camouflage used at sea in the First World War can now be seen on the River Thames in the heart of London.

UK and German Parliamentarians sing Centenary Concert at Westminster Hall

10 July 2014

The Choirs of the British and German Parliaments have sung together in London to commemorate the Centenary of the First World War.

Author Paul O'Prey speaks to Centenary News about his new First World War poetry anthology

08 July 2014

Centenary News' Books Editor, Eleanor Baggley, speaks to Paul O'Prey about his recent publication, First World War Poems from the Front.

Welsh churches apologise for "perversion of Jesus' message" during First World War

06 July 2014

The Union of Welsh Independent Churches has apologised for the role it played in encouraging men to enlist to fight during the First World War.

Historian Margaret MacMillan charts daily events leading up to the First World War for BBC Radio 4

27 June 2014

On the eve of the centenary of Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination, BBC Radio 4 is launching a daily programme charting the road to war in 1914.

Facing the Front: New Zealand's Enduring First World War

19 June 2014

The New Zealand Portrait Gallery has opened a new exhibition featuring objects and paintings relating to the First World War.

Walks of remembrance to mark First World War Centenary at National Trust sites in UK

16 June 2014

The National Trust is inviting people to mark the First World War Centenary by joining silent walks of remembrance at 23 of the historic sites in its care across England and Wales.

Serbian President opens First World War Literature exhibition in Belgrade

15 June 2014

Serbia's President, Tomislav Nikolić, has opened an exhibition focussing on Serbian First World War literature at Belgrade City Library.

Ship painted in dazzle camouflage to mark the First World War Centenary

13 June 2014

The ship Edmund Gardner, moored in Liverpool, has been painted in dazzle camouflage to mark the Centenary of the First World War.

Australian and New Zealand radio stations launch composer competition for Gallipoli Centenary

06 June 2014

Two radio stations - one in Australia and one in New Zealand - have launched a competition asking composers to submit original compositions to mark the Centenary of the Gallipoli landings.

Twin sculptures at St. Paul's Cathedral commemorate First World War Centenary

06 June 2014

Twin sculptures have been installed at St. Paul's Cathedral in London to mark 100 years since the start of the First World War.

BBC Radio 3 to mark First World War Centenary with special programme season

30 May 2014

Two weeks of special programmes are to be broadcast on BBC Radio 3, telling the story of the First World War through the music of the time.

Medals on show at The British Museum reveal German view of First World War

23 May 2014

As part of the First World War Centenary commemorations, the British Museum in London is looking at the German experience of the conflict with an exhibition of medals made by artists.

Giant painting of First World War naval commanders restored to view at London's National Portrait Gallery

19 May 2014

A vast painting of Britain's First World War naval commanders is back on show at the National Portrait Gallery in London for the first time since the 1960s.

'Twin Portraits' of First World War soldier reunited at Jerwood Gallery

14 May 2014

Jerwood Gallery in Hastings, England, has been lent a second portrait of the First World War soldier Norman Kohnstamm, reuniting the portraits after almost one hundred years.

'Fields of Battle' photo exhibition visits Paris ahead of UK First World War Centenary tour

09 May 2014

An outdoor photographic exhibition, capturing the haunting beauty of many of the First World War battlefields as they are today, is on show at the Jardin du Luxembourg in Paris.


Centenary News speaks to Taylor Downing, author of 'Secret Warriors'

30 April 2014

Centenary News' Books Editor, Eleanor Baggley, has spoken to author Taylor Downing about his latest publication, Secret Warriors.

New computer app to explore Wilfred Owen's First World War poetry

30 April 2014

The technology of the computer app is being harnessed to explore the works of the poet, Wilfred Owen, in the Centenary year of the First World War.

Canadian orchestra to mark First World War Centenary with UK concert tour

23 April 2014

A leading Canadian orchestra will tour the UK in October 2014 to commemorate the Centenary of the First World War and celebrate the close ties between the two nations.

French and German museums collaborate for First World War exhibition

15 April 2014

The Von der Heydt Museum in Germany is hosting an exhibition exploring how French and German artists responded to the First World War.

Cross-Channel art project explores the First World War

12 April 2014

Four institutions from England and France are producing a series of interconnected exhibitions exploring how contemporary artists view the First World War and war in general.

Canadian War Museum opens new exhibitions to mark First World War Centenary

11 April 2014

The Canadian War Museum in Ottawa has launched its programme to commemorate the Centenary of the First World War, with two new exhibitions which explore the conflict through art.

Call for 'lights out' across UK on August 4 to mark First World War Centenary

28 March 2014

People across the UK will be invited to commemorate the First World War Centenary by turning off their lights on 4th August 2014, the 100th anniversary of Britain declaring war on Germany.

Professor Gary Sheffield dubs UK 'lights out' Centenary plan a "gimmick"

28 March 2014

Professor of War Studies at the University of Wolverhampton, Gary Sheffield, has described an initiative which asks people to switch off their lights to mark the First World War Centenary as a "ludicrous gimmick".

Malta's Eurovision song entry commemorates First World War Centenary

27 March 2014

Malta has selected a song which commemorates the Centenary of the First World War to represent it at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

World Poetry Day launch for international Centenary cultural events and performances

19 March 2014

The impact of the poetry and literature of the First World War is to be examined in a wide programme of international cultural events and performances.

Royal Mail announces five-year programme to commemorate First World War Centenary

17 March 2014

The UK's Royal Mail has announced that it will produce 30 special Centenary stamps between 2014-18 to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War.

Tower of London to mark First World War Centenary with more than 800,000 ceramic poppies

14 March 2014

The Tower of London has announced that it will mark the Centenary of the outbreak of the First World War with an art installation and programme of events.

Poems wanted for Centenary contest in memory of First World War Poet Wilfred Owen

11 March 2014

An international poetry competition is being held in memory of Wilfred Owen, the First World War poet killed in action days before the Armistice.

Women's roles in the First World War to be remembered in the UK

10 March 2014

The role women played in the First World War is being remembered in a series of exhibitions, debates, lectures and conferences as the Centenary gets under way.

Ice sculpture at Canada's Winterlude commemorates First World War Centenary

08 March 2014

An ice sculpture of a First World War Canadian "troop train" was unveiled at the annual Winterlude ice sculpture illumination ceremony in Ottawa this February.

From belligerence to pacifism: how church leaders faced the dilemmas of the First World War

05 March 2014

Senior figures in the Church of England differed widely in their reactions to the First World War, says the author of a republished history of the wartime church. 

Exploring the human face of the First World War at London's National Portrait Gallery

03 March 2014

A special exhibition at the National Portrait Gallery in London explores the horror and tragedy of the First World War in the faces of those who fought and died.

'The Great War: The Persuasive Power of Photography', National Gallery of Canada

25 February 2014

The National Gallery of Canada will be marking the Centenary of the outbreak of the First World War with an exhibition exploring the role of photography during the conflict.

Centenary Chorus launches - 600 international young singers to perform at the Royal Albert Hall

23 February 2014

Sing UK is bringing together a chorus of young people from four of the former combatant nations of the First World War - Belgium, England, France and Germany - for a special Centenary concert.

Artist Stanley Spencer's First World War masterpieces go on show in UK city of Chichester

16 February 2014

A touring exhibition of First World War murals by the acclaimed British artist, Stanley Spencer, can now be seen at Pallant House Gallery in Chichester, West Sussex.


First World War paintings in Greenwich "War Artists at Sea" exhibition

15 February 2014

Paintings from the First World War are featured in a series of exhibitions depicting warfare at sea which has opened at Royal Museums Greenwich in London.

Daughter of First World War Poet Edmund Blunden to speak at Oxford

09 February 2014

Margi Blunden, daughter of the First World War poet, Edmund Blunden, will remember her father at Oxford University's WW1 Poetry Spring School in April 2014.

Major exhibition of American First World War art

08 February 2014

A major exhibition devoted to exploring how American artists reacted to the First World War is being prepared at a leading arts academy.

Australia's First World War naval campaign to be marked with major museum project

07 February 2014

Australia is to pay tribute to the role of its navy, with a new building at the Australian National Maritime Museum in Sydney promising visitors a "dynamic and interactive" experience.

Giant photos at IWM North Manchester mark vital role of women on the First World War Home Front

05 February 2014

The vital contribution of women to the Home Front in the First World War is being marked with a giant display of photographs from the Imperial War Museum's archives at IWM North in Manchester. 

UK announces 'Last Post' mass participation music project for Centenary

26 January 2014

The UK's Communities Secretary has announced that a mass participation music project for 300 communities will take place in every year of the Centenary.

Requiem with Durham Cathedral Choir to mark First World War Centenary

19 January 2014

Durham Cathedral Choir will commemorate the Centenary of the First World War with a special service this March.

Exhibition in European Cultural Capital - Riga, Latvia - to explore the First World War

18 January 2014

An exhibition about the First World War has opened in Riga, Latvia, as part of the city’s programme to mark its status as European Capital of Culture 2014.

Theatre production remembers Aboriginals who fought during the First World War

18 January 2014

The Queensland Theatre Company and Sydney Festival have developed a theatre production about Aboriginals who fought during the First World War to mark the Centenary.

Giant street theatre returns to Liverpool for First World War Centenary

07 January 2014

The British Government says Liverpool is to host one of the UK's largest cultural events commemorating the First World War Centenary

BBC explores the radio programme which inspired Oh, What a Lovely War

01 January 2014

A forgotten musical documentary which inspired the satirical First World War stage show Oh, What a Lovely War is rediscovered in a BBC Radio 4 programme. 

'The Avant-Gardes At War' exhibition, Bundeskunsthalle, Bonn

30 December 2013

The Bundeskunsthalle in Germany is holding an exhibition about modern art in the context of the First World War.

Historic First World War painting returns to public view after 90 years at IWM North in Manchester

20 December 2013

A First World War painting is being publicly displayed for the first time in 90 years at IWM North museum in the UK city of Manchester.

'Remembering the Great War' exhibition at the Scottish National Portrait Gallery, 2014

15 December 2013

The National Galleries of Scotland has announced that it will hold a "thought-provoking and poignant" exhibition to mark the Centenary of the First World War.

South African artist's work "The Lost Men France" to remember soldiers killed on the Somme

13 December 2013

An installation by contemporary South African artist, Paul Emmanuel, will be displayed on the Somme as part of France's First World Centenary Commemorations.

UK commissions leading artists for First World War Centenary

08 December 2013

Britain is commissioning works by leading artists from the UK and around the world to mark the Centenary of the First World War. 

'Heaven in a Hell of War' masterpieces by British war artist, Sir Stanley Spencer, on show in London

18 November 2013

Paintings by British war artist, Sir Stanley Spencer, are being displayed at a special exhibition in London to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the outbreak of the First World War. 

English Heritage announces First World War commemoration projects

13 November 2013

English Heritage has announced its plans to mark the Centenary of the First World War with projects and the granting of 'listed' status to more memorials.

Royal Museums Greenwich announces First World War Centenary exhibitions

07 November 2013

Royal Museums Greenwich has announced plans to mark the Centenary of the First World War at two of its museums: the National Maritime Museum and Queen's House.

'The Great War in Portraits' exhibition, The National Portrait Gallery, London

26 October 2013

The National Portrait Gallery in London will be holding an exhibition - The Great War in Portraits - in early 2014.

Author of 1913 book tells Centenary News that we have only heard "half the story" about the pre-war world

25 September 2013

The author of 1913: The World Before the Great War, Charles Emmerson, speaks to Centenary News.

New 'Gallipoli Dawn' daffodil honours First World War soldiers

09 September 2013

The Daily Express reports that a new daffodil has been bred which honours soldiers who fought and died during the First World War Gallipoli Campaign.

Heritage Lottery Fund announces support for Centenary projects across the UK

04 August 2013

The Heritage Lottery Fund has announced today Centenary projects at local, regional and national levels which have been awarded financial support.

Royal Philharmonic Orchestra & Westminster Music Library 'Behind the Lines' Centenary project

20 July 2013

The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, working with Westminster Music Library, will be delivering a year long project "inspired by the centenary of the First World War".

New Zealand Dance Company to present 'Rotunda' for Anzac Centenary

11 July 2013

The New Zealand Dance Company is producing Rotunda, a piece of work to coincide with the Anzac Centenary.

World War I Voices Project will create an "Auditory Cenotaph" using recordings of First World War Commonwealth PoW voices

03 July 2013

South West Artwork is to create a sound archive which will allow people to hear the voices of British & Commonwealth PoWs.

English National Ballet announces three part dance programme inspired by the Centenary of the First World War

12 June 2013

The English National Ballet has announced that three dance pieces, inspired by the Centenary, will be part of a programme of British choreography entitled Lest We Forget.

New musical 'The Front' to be launched in time for the Centenary of the First World War and Anzac

02 May 2013

South Australian writer, Lane Hinchcliffe, has written a new musical, The Front, which will be launched "in time for the Centenary Commemorations of ANZAC and the First World War".

Three Choirs Festival to mark Centenary of the First World War

30 April 2013

The Three Choirs Festival is to create its own "choral memorial to the men who died on both sides and to those in each community left behind", to mark the Centenary of the First World War.

BBC Radio commissions Centenary drama to run from 2014-2018

14 April 2013

BBC Radio 4 has commissioned a drama serial about life on the British Home Front during the First World War.

National Portrait Gallery, London, plans to restore artwork for Centenary

28 March 2013

The National Portrait Gallery, London, is seeking donations to restore the 'Naval Officers of World War 1' portrait, in time for the Centenary of the First World War.

Centenary theatre production: 'The Passion of the Soldiers of the Great War'

20 March 2013

La Passion des Soldats de la Grande Guerre is a Franco-German theatre project which will mark the Centenary of the First World War.

English choral society receives funding for new piece to mark Centenary

09 March 2013

Sheringham & Cromer Choral Society, Norfolk, England, has been awarded a grant by Arts Council England to fund a new choral work to commemorate the outbreak of the First World War's Centenary.

M van Museum Leuven, Belgium, to host 'Art and heritage in times of conflict' exhibition

07 March 2013

The M van Museum Leuven, Belgium, is to host an exhibition entitled 'Art and heritage in times of conflict'.

Florence Nightingale Museum acquires Tardieu oil paintings

04 March 2013

Culture 24 reports that the Florence Nightingale Museum, London, England, has acquired a series of oil paintings by Victor Tardieu, which will be used to mark the Centenary of the First World War.

Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra to mark centenary of Archduke's assassination with concert in Sarajevo, Bosnia

04 March 2013

The Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra is to mark the 100 year anniversary of the assassination of Archduke Franz Ferdinand, heir apparent to the throne of the Austro-Hungarian Empire.

‘Silent Night’ – First World War opera debuts in Philadelphia

11 February 2013

The Philadelphia Opera Company has given its debut performance of ‘Silent Night’ – an opera about the informal ‘Christmas Truce’ on the Western Front in 1914.

Articles & Blogs

'Shrouds of the Somme' in London - Artist's Armistice Centenary tribute

09 November 2018

Patrick Gregory tells the story of the WW1 Shrouds of the Somme installation at London's Olympic Park.

Raymond Chandler on the Western Front, 1918

19 June 2018

The US-born crime novelist, Raymond Chandler, was concussed by German shelling while serving with Canadian forces near Arras on 19 June 1918. Chris Dickon tells his story.

CWGC Article: Film producer Guy de Beaujeu on 'Journey's End'

05 February 2018

Producer Guy de Beaujeu writes for the Commonwealth War Graves Commission about the latest screen adaptation of RC Sheriff's classic play, Journey's End.

100 Years Ago: 'In Flanders Fields' poet John McCrae dies

28 January 2018

The Canadian doctor, soldier and poet who wrote In Flanders Fields died in France on 28 January 1918. Author Chris Dickon reflects on John McCrae's life and legacy. 

'A Soldier's Journey' explored - with US WWI Memorial sculptor Sabin Howard

27 September 2017

US sculptor Sabin Howard tells Centenary News how a visit to New Zealand is helping to shape his designs for America's new National World War I Memorial. 

'Face-to-Face' in Arras with troops of the Great War

13 April 2017

A street display of pictures in Arras brings visitors close to soldiers and many others who served here during the First World War.

'War in the Sunshine: The British in Italy 1917-18'

18 January 2017

An exhibition at the Estorick Collection in London offers a rare glimpse of Britain's First World War Italian campaign, writes CN Editor Peter Alhadeff.

Focus on Prague photographer's tribute to the Czechoslovak Legionnaires

09 December 2016

Centenary News views Milan Kabelka's photos, evoking actions fought by Czech and Slovak volunteers who sided with the Allies in pursuit of independence.

'France at War' - Kipling reports from the Front, 1915

29 October 2016

Collector Andy Moreton delves into his prized copy of a book of reports from the Western Front by the British writer Rudyard Kipling.

Painting the Somme - Centenary exhibition in London

29 June 2016

Artist Hughie O'Donoghue talks to Patrick Gregory about  'Seven Halts on the Somme' - a special display of his paintings at Leighton House Museum, London.

'Remnants' - Review of South African artist's Somme exhibition in Boston

08 March 2016

Susan Werbe reviews 'Remnants', artist Paul Emmanuel's installation remembering the missing soldiers of the Somme, at Boston University's 808 Gallery in the United States.

'Rearranging History' - US exhibition pieces together story of giant WW1 painting

23 December 2015

Missing fragments from a Great War masterpiece are back on view for the first time in decades at the National World War I Museum and Memorial in Kansas City, as CN contributor Patrick Gregory discovers.

100 Years Ago: Celebrated First World War cartoon makes its debut

24 November 2015

On November 24th 1915.The Bystander magazine in London published the latest contribution from soldier-cartoonist Bruce Bairnsfather. His drawing, with its caption - “Well, if you knows of a better ‘ole, go to it!” - would become one of the most well-known and enduring cartoons of all time. Mark Warby tells its story.

Ernest Hemingway: new exhibition in New York shows writer's World War 1 connections

01 October 2015

An exhibition about the work of Ernest Hemingway has opened in New York - at the Morgan Library and Museum in Manhattan. Centenary News writer Jillian Davidson visited the exhibition, and describes how the First World war had a major impact on the writer.

Book and website on extraordinary letters from the First World War

18 May 2015

An author from Kent in the UK, Aura Hargreaves, has compiled a book and website featuring the letters sent between her grandfather, a 2nd Lieutenant in the Kings Royal Rifle Corps, and his fiancee - written between 1915 and 1919.

“If I should die think only this of me": the death of Rupert Brooke

23 April 2015

The English poet Rupert Brooke died on April 23rd 1915 en route to Gallipoli. Peter Biles has written this feature about his death for Centenary News. His grandfather, Harry Biles, was part of the group that went ashore to bury Brooke.

'World War I: War of Images, Images of War' exhibition showing at the Getty Center

08 February 2015

CN writer, Jillian Davidson, visited the Getty Center in Los Angeles and gives an account of its centenary exhibition, 'World War I: War of Images, Images of War.' 

Propaganda wares - Centenary News visits a Great War porcelain exhibition in Germany

03 February 2015

A ceramics museum in Germany is holding an exhibition of First World War porcelain. CN writer, Katherine Quinlan-Flatter, was given a tour of the Keramikmuseum in Staufen, near Freiburg.

Reflections on three Boston World War One exhibitions

14 January 2015

Susan Werbe has written a piece for Centenary News reflecting on three WWI exhibitions currently on display at the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; the Boston Athenaeum; and the Massachusetts Historical Society. 

'Fighting in Flanders' - Canadian War Museum explores 'Gas. Mud. Memory'

14 November 2014

Centenary News writer, Christopher Harvie, discusses the Canadian War Museum’s special exhibition 'Fighting in Flanders – Gas. Mud. Memory,' dedicated to Canada's experience on the Western Front.

'Menin Gate at Midnight' - a personal view by Christopher J. Harvie

19 October 2014

CN writer Christopher J. Harvie, discusses 'Menin Gate at Midnight', the William Longstaff painting on loan to the Canadian War Museum for 'Fighting in Flanders-Gas. Mud. Memory,' a Centenary exhibition starting in November 2014. 

Photographer Jeff Gusky explores the Western Front's underground cities

20 August 2014

Centenary News volunteer writer Christopher J. Harvie is moved by haunting images of the Western Front underground captured by the American doctor and photographer, Jeff Gusky.

Unknown Warriors: British nurse's 'unflinching' view of the front line

19 August 2014

Author Tim Luard reports on a newly republished book of wartime letters home written by his great-aunt, who served as a nurse on the Western Front. 

Conference kicks off interest in commemorating America's role in World War One

18 August 2014

Allison Finkelstein writes about a kickoff Centennial Trade Show and conference which brought together people interested in commemorating America's involvement in World War 1

Centenary News looks ahead to new BBC drama following British soldiers in action on the Western Front

30 July 2014

The BBC is dramatising three key moments for British troops fighting on the Western Front in a drama series starting in August 2014 to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. Peter Alhadeff reports. 

Reuters revisits Sarajevo: "World War One. What were they thinking?"

25 July 2014

A report from a Reuters Newsmaker Event in New York, planned and moderated by Sir Harold Evans, and attended by former U.S Secretaries of State Dr Henry Kissinger and Dr Madeleine Albright.


Punch magazine digital archive will help researchers study First World War

21 July 2014

Mike Swain reports on a new digital archive which sees 150 years of British satirical magazine Punch made available online including its' influential period during the First World war. 

Giant photographs of pebble reflect "traumatised" landscape of war

16 June 2014

Mike Swain visits Orford Ness nature reserve on the British Suffolk coast to see an exhibition of unusual photographs by installation artist Anya Gallaccio of a pebble picked from a bombing range.

Trentino remembers La Guerra Bianca as it prepares for the Centenary

05 June 2014

Mike Swain reports on plans underway in Trentino, northern Italy, to mark the 'White War', which saw thousands of Austro-Hungarian and Italian troops engage in the mountains.

Historian's Centenary mission to find 10,000 World War One memorials across America

25 May 2014

Washington Art historian Mark Levitch has embarked on an ambitious Memorial Inventory Project to uncover the 10,000 or more American World War One memorials scattered across the country.

Power of theatre brings experiences of World War One to modern audiences

07 May 2014

An American theatre company has created a multi-media performance which bears witness to the cataclysmic events of World War One and pays tribute to the tragic losses of human potential on all sides.

PEN promotes writers of the Great War among its voices On The Edge

06 May 2014

Centenary News' Dr. Jillian Davidson reports on the 10th Annual World Voices Festival of International Literature in NYC (April 28-May 4), organised by PEN.

Do Wilfred Owen's poems mask the "true fighting spirit" of those who fought?

17 February 2014

Postgraduate poetry student Christian Groves asks whether seeing the First World War through Wilfred Owen's poems masks the true fighting spirit and patriotic passion of those who fought.

Michael Morpurgo writes about the Centenary: "We should honour those who died... but we should never glorify"

01 January 2014

Writing in The Guardian, the author of War Horse writes about his own family connections to the First World War and why he believes there should be no "glorification" of the conflict during the Centenary.

South African artist's work to remember soldiers killed on the Somme

17 December 2013

An installation by South African artist, Paul Emmanuel, will be displayed on the Somme as part of France's First World Centenary Commemorations.

Berlin - Prostitutes, Politicians, Profiteers: Exhibition of George Grosz's work

22 October 2013

Joseph Delves writes for Centenary News about a new art exhibition in London which focuses on George Grosz's work on Berlin and the First World War.

Executive Director of 'The Great War Dance Project' explains the Boston Arts Academy effort to mark the Centenary

10 May 2013

The Executive Director of The Great War Dance Project, writes for Centenary News explaining the process and thought behind developing the Centenary dance project.


Schools' WW1 Centenary quilt display in Cardiff​

14 January 2018

Two commemorative quilts designed and handmade by 130 Monmouthshire schoolchildren for the First World War Centenary are on display at the Welsh Assembly's Pierhead Futures Gallery.

'Passchendaele' artist Wyndham Lewis showcased at IWM North

02 August 2017

Centenary News visits IWM North's exhibition highlighting the work of Wyndham Lewis - artillery officer at the Third Battle of Ypres and challenging WW1 war artist. 

'Fields of Battle, Lands of Peace' in Passchendaele

28 July 2017

Photographer Mike Sheil's latest exhibition is taking place in Passandale Church as part of the Third Battle of Ypres commemorations now under way in Flanders. 

'The Danger Tree' - Digital art exhibition remembering the Somme

04 July 2016

The Danger Tree, an interactive art exhibition commemorating the Battle of the Somme, opened at a 'pop-up' venue in Greenwich, London, on July 1st 2016.

Wilfred Owen's birthday marked with arts festival

14 March 2016

18th March 2016 marks 123 years since the birth of Wilfred Owen. To commemorate the Great War poet’s birthday, the UK museum dedicated to his memory is hosting a festival in his honour.

'The Dreamers' - new musical remembering soldiers lost at sea off Gallipoli

29 June 2015

A musical telling the story of a British officer and his soldiers who drowned at sea off Gallipoli is being performed at the St James Theatre, London, from June 30th-July 11th 2015.

'Fields of Battle Lands of Peace 14-18' - Photographer Mike Sheil talks at Stowe School

12 May 2015

Photographer Michael St Maur Sheil will be talking about his First World War exhibition, Fields of Battle Lands of Peace 14-18, at Stowe School, near Buckingham in the UK, on Tuesday May 12th 2015.

ACMI exhibition, War Pictures: Australians at the Cinema 1914-1918

10 March 2015

To commemorate the Centenary of the First World War, The Australian Centre for the Moving Image (ACMI), in association with the National Film and Sound Archive of Australia, will present 'War Pictures: Australians at the Cinema 1914-1918'.

New exhibition: 'Politics & Sacrifice: NSW Parliament and the Anzacs'

07 January 2015

The Parliament of New South Wales will mark the Centenary with a free public exhibition titled 'Politics & Sacrifice: NSW Parliament and the Anzacs', exploring the political aspects of the Great War.

Chor Leoni presents All is Calm: The Christmas Truce of 1914 (Vancouver, Canada)

19 December 2014

Chor Leoni and actors present a commemoration of the Christmas Truce.

Centenary Requiem dedicated to Australia's First World War dead to have Sydney premiere

10 August 2014

The premiere of the first Australian musical composition commemorating those who fell in the Great War will be performed by Sydney University Graduate Choir on August 10th 2014.

National Trust launches walks of remembrance to mark First World War Centenary at historic UK sites

17 June 2014

The National Trust invites people to mark the First World War Centenary by joining silent walks of remembrance at 23 historic sites in England and Wales.


Diana Preston speaks to Centenary News about the Lusitania, chemical warfare and Zeppelin attacks

13 May 2015

Author Diana Preston discusses her new book A Higher Form of Killing: Six Weeks in World War I that Forever Changed the Nature of Warfare, with Centenary News' Ashlee Godwin.

Preview: Irish language documentary on Ulster soldiers in the First World War

28 March 2015

A documentary exploring Irish speaking Ulstermen during the First World War is to air on BBC 2 Northern Ireland on Sunday 29th March at 10pm.

Beyond lecture series: “Feeding the Enemy – The Hidden History of the CRB"

10 December 2014

As part of the 'Beyond the 1914-1918 Centenary' lecture series, author Gerry Docherty gave a presentation on the 'hidden history' of the Commission for the Relief of Belgium (CRB). 

Wallace and Gromit creators make film for Imperial War Museum

07 July 2014

Wallace and Gromit creators Aardman have made a short film, Flight of the Stories, to mark the re-opening of the Imperial War Museum's galleries in London.

Ship painted in dazzle camouflage to mark the First World War Centenary

13 June 2014

The ship Edmund Gardner, moored in Liverpool, England, has been painted in dazzle camouflage to mark the Centenary of the First World War.

Malta's Eurovision song entry commemorates First World War Centenary

27 March 2014

Malta has selected a song which commemorates the Centenary of the First World War to represent it at the Eurovision Song Contest 2014.

Artist plans to mark First World War Centenary with 'My Flanders' Field'

18 December 2013

Artist Sylvia Bollé is marking the Centenary of the First World War with her new artwork 'My Flanders' Field', which she hopes to exhibit internationally in 2014.


Book Review - An American on the Western Front

10 October 2016

'A story both illuminating and intensely moving' - CN reviewer Andy Moreton on this collection of the First World War letters of Californian student Clifford Kimber, edited and narrated by Patrick Gregory & Elizabeth Nurser.

Read the full review here.

A God in Every Stone

24 April 2015

Publisher's Description:

"July 1914. Young Englishwoman Vivian Rose Spencer is running up a mountainside in an ancient land, surrounded by figs and cypresses. Soon she will discover the Temple of Zeus, the call of adventure, and the ecstasy of love. Thousands of miles away a twenty-year old Pathan, Qayyum Gul, is learning about brotherhood and loyalty in the British Indian army." 

To read the full description click here.

A Game in Hell - The Great War in Russia

17 January 2015

Centenary News Review:  A Game in Hell is a stunning visual record of how Russia saw the First World War. Many of the posters, prints, cartoons and photos are published for the first time. Accompanied by expert commentaries, they are a valuable reminder that Tsarist Russia was among the main players in a war almost banished from history after the 1917 Bolshevik revolution.

To read the full description and review, click here.

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