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Britain presents SS Mendi bell to South Africa

28 August 2018

The bell from the troopship SS Mendi, sunk with the loss of more than 600 South African soldiers during the First World War, has been handed to President Cyril Ramaphosa to commemorate their sacrifice.

First World War censorship under scrutiny in New Zealand

25 August 2018

The impact of information curbs imposed during the Great War is scrutinised in a collection of essays, cartoons and a video from New Zealand’s WW100 Centenary programme.

100 Years Ago: Revolutionaries kill Russian royal family

13 July 2018

Nicholas II - last Tsar of Russia and the first of Europe's imperial rulers toppled in WW1 - was killed, together with his family, by Bolshevik revolutionaries on 17 July 1918.

Remembering the 1918 Chilwell explosion

20 June 2018

The 100th anniversary of one of the worst  disasters on Britain’s home front in WW1 is to be commemorated in Nottinghamshire with talks, exhibitions and a special remembrance service.

100 Years Ago: Treaty of Brest-Litovsk

03 March 2018

Russia's First World War involvement formally ended on 3 March 1918 with acceptance of tough peace terms at German headquarters on the Eastern Front.

100 years ago: Hospital ship Glenart Castle sunk

26 February 2018

More than 160 lives were lost when the hospital ship Glenart Castle was torpedoed by a German U-boat in the early hours of 26 February 1918.

Call to share WW1 stories with ‘unaware’ Millennials

23 February 2018

UK armed forces charity SSAFA is urging families to pass on their First World War stories, after research suggesting many young people don't know facts about the conflict.

100 Years Ago: First UK women given the vote

06 February 2018

Campaigners for women's suffrage in Britain achieved a victory during the First World War, with some women winning the right to vote in 1918.

Focus on Armistice Centenary - Mons 2018

02 January 2018

Two days of commemorations are planned in Mons on November 10 & 11 to mark the centenary of the Belgian city's liberation at the very end of the First World War.

100 Years Ago: The Halifax Explosion

06 December 2017

A ship loaded with high explosives blew up following a collision in the Canadian port of Halifax on 6 December 1917, killing 2,000 people and leaving thousands more homeless.

Scotland honours pioneering WW1 doctor Elsie Inglis

29 November 2017

Tributes are being paid to the doctor who defied disapproval to set up hospitals, staffed by women, to treat wounded soldiers in France and the Balkans.

100 Years Ago: Battle of Passchendaele ends

10 November 2017

Canadian troops completed the capture of Passchendaele on 10 November 1917, ending the Allied offensive in Flanders known also as the Third Battle of Ypres.

100 Years Ago: The Balfour Declaration

02 November 2017

Britain pledged its support for the establishment of a 'national home for the Jewish people' in Palestine, in a letter written by Foreign Secretary Arthur Balfour on 2 November 1917.

'Away from the Western Front' seeks musical recruits for new WW1 song

17 October 2017

A newly-composed song, reflecting the bitterness felt by West Indian troops at the end of the Great War, is being added to the familiar repertoire, with an invitation to perform it. 

Centenary conference to explore legacy of Mata Hari

12 October 2017

100 years after Mata Hari's execution for spying, experts reassess her notoriety at an international symposium taking place at City, University of London on October 28.

100 Years Ago: Third Battle of Ypres/Passchendaele starts

31 July 2017

British-led forces began an offensive in Flanders on 31 July 1917 that is still mired in controversy.

100 Years Ago: British Royal Family becomes House of Windsor

19 July 2017

King George V changed his family's name to Windsor on 17 July 1917 with a proclamation relinquishing use of all German titles.

New 'War Horse' reading for 2017 Ypres/Passchendaele Centenary

16 July 2017

Author Michael Morpurgo will read a new short story in Ypres on Sunday 30 July at the start of commemorations for the Third Battle of Ypres/Passchendaele. 

100 Years Ago: HMS Vanguard blast kills more than 840

10 July 2017

Commemorations have been held in Orkney to remember those lost when the British battleship, HMS Vanguard, blew up and sank on 9 July 1917.

Russia's last Great War offensive - July 1917

10 July 2017

The Kerensky Offensive, Russia's last major attack of the First World War, was fought on the Eastern Front 100 years ago.

100 Years Ago: Battle of Chemin des Dames

16 April 2017

French forces launched a disastrous attack on the Chemin des Dames on 16 April 1917, triggering a crisis of morale and a controversial First World War legacy.

US Centennial tribute to women of World War I

03 April 2017

The US Centennial Commission has paid tribute to the vital role of American women in WW1 ahead of this week's events marking US entry into the Great War in April 1917.

100 Years Ago: German withdrawal to the Hindenburg Line

20 March 2017

German troops pulled back to new defensive positions on the Western Front in spring 1917 as they prepared to face renewed Allied onslaughts in France.

100 Years Ago: Tsar Nicholas II abdicates in 'February Revolution'

15 March 2017

Nicholas II was the first of Europe's imperial rulers to fall during the Great War, forced to abdicate on 15 March 1917 by mass protests in the Russian capital, Petrograd.

Battle of Chemin des Dames: Centenary dossier from Mission Centenaire

27 February 2017

Articles and videos explaining the Battle of the Chemin des Dames have been released together online by Mission Centenaire for the April 2017 Centenary.

Remembering the SS Mendi - South Africa leads centenary tributes

22 February 2017

Centenary News reports from the Hollybrook Memorial in Southampton, where South Africa held a service on February 20, commemorating more than 600 troops lost in the sinking of the SS Mendi.

100 Years Ago: South African troops lost in SS Mendi disaster

21 February 2017

The troopship SS Mendi sank after a collision in the English Channel on 21 February 1917, claiming the lives of more than 600 South Africans being sent to the Western Front.

'Passchendaele Remembered' - 3rd Battle of Ypres Centenary events update

15 February 2017

The latest on commemorations coming up in Flanders in 2017 to mark the centenary of a WW1 campaign fought in some of the most atrocious conditions on the Western Front.

France prepares for Battle of Chemin des Dames Centenary

10 February 2017

Commemorations will be taking place in the Aisne region at Easter to mark the centenary of the First World War battle that shook French morale to the core in April 1917.

'War Beneath the Waves' - Germany's U-boats in Flanders

01 February 2017

German U-boat operations on the Flemish coast were discussed by marine archaeologist Tomas Termote at a lecture launching the English edition of his book on the WW1 submarine campaign.

100 Years Ago: Germany resumes 'sink on sight' U-boat war

01 February 2017

Germany took the fateful step of resuming unrestricted submarine attacks on merchant ships from 1 February 1917, in an attempt to cut off Britain's vital supplies.

100 Years Ago: The Silvertown Explosion

19 January 2017

More than 70 people were killed, and hundreds more injured, in a blast at a munitions factory in London's docklands on 19 January 1917.

Was Jutland the battle that won the First World War? - Debate

08 January 2017

British and German naval historians will answer questions about the Battle of Jutland in a public debate organised by the National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth, on 2 February 2017.

Third Battle of Ypres/Passchendaele Centenary - UK ticket ballot opens

03 January 2017

Descendants of those who fought at the Third Battle of Ypres/Passchendaele are invited to apply for tickets to attend the UK's centenary commemorations in Belgium on 31 July 2017.

Centenary News countdown to First World War anniversaries in 2017

01 January 2017

The penultimate year of the Great War unleashed events that would reshape the world in the 20th century.

100 Years Ago: Battle of Verdun ends after 10-month struggle

18 December 2016

The longest battle of the First World War ended at Verdun on 18 December 1916, after a campaign costing hundreds of thousands French and German casualties. 

Execution of first British officer in WW1 - December 10 1916

10 December 2016

Second lieutenant Eric Poole, shot by firing squad on 10 December 1916, was the first British army officer to be executed in the Great War, despite evidence of shell shock. 

'Shrouds of the Somme' - Artist's Centenary tribute in Bristol

19 November 2016

As the 2016 Somme commemorations draw to a close, Centenary News finds the public deeply moved during another display of the 'Shrouds of the Somme' installation following its July debut in Exeter.

100 Years Ago: Battle of the Somme ends

18 November 2016

The Battle of the Somme drew to a close on 18 November 1916 after more than four months of fighting, and more than a million casualties on all sides.

Centenary of Australian WW1 conscription vote

28 October 2016

Australians rejected a move to introduce compulsory military service overseas in a referendum, or plebiscite, held on 28 October 1916.

'Conscientious objection & dissent' - New Zealand First World War study

08 September 2016

Comprehensive lists of New Zealanders who opposed conscription in the Great War have been compiled for the first time, New Zealand Government historians have announced.

Battle of Chemin des Dames Centenary 2017 - Aisne call for projects

01 August 2016

Centenary News looks ahead to a significant French anniversary, as the Aisne region prepares for commemorations marking the Battle of the Chemin des Dames, also known as the Nivelle Offensive and the Second Battle of the Aisne.

Centenary tribute to British seafarer executed in 1916

27 July 2016

A century after his execution for attempting to ram a German U-boat, tributes have been paid to the North Sea ferry captain, Charles Fryatt.

Three unknown soldiers buried as Australia marks Pozières Centenary

26 July 2016

Australia has remembered its first action on the Somme with commemorations on July 23rd marking the Battle of Pozières in the summer of 1916.

Australia honours the Fallen at Fromelles

25 July 2016

Australia is holding commemorations in Northern France marking the first major battles fought by its forces on the Western Front a century ago.

Somme Centenary: Memorial honouring all South Africans unveiled at Delville Wood

19 July 2016

President Jacob Zuma inaugurated a new memorial at Delville Wood on July 12th 2016 honouring South Africans of all races who fought in the First and Second World Wars.

100 Years Ago Today: Battle of the Somme

01 July 2016

One of the most controversial battles of the First World War started on July 1st 1916, with a massive British-led attack on German positions in the Somme region of Northern France.

HMS Hampshire wreck surveyed off Orkney

20 June 2016

Marine archaeologists from the University of the Highlands & Islands have surveyed the wreck of HMS Hampshire, the British cruiser sunk in June 1916 with the loss of War Minister Lord Kitchener and most of the crew.

100 Years Ago Today: Battle of Jutland

31 May 2016

The British and German fleets fought the biggest naval battle of the First World War off the coast of Denmark on May 31st/June 1st 1916.

UK navy museum explores 'misunderstood' Battle of Jutland

19 May 2016

Britain's Royal Navy Museum has opened its major Centenary exhibition '36 Hours: Jutland 1916, The Battle that Won the War' at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

100 Years Ago: The Sykes-Picot Agreement

16 May 2016

Britain and France concluded a secret deal in May 1916 for dividing the Middle East between them after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire.

Centenary update: Jutland debate postponed at UK Navy Museum

27 April 2016

A Battle of Jutland debate - scheduled for May 9th 2016 at the National Museum of the Royal Navy, Portsmouth - has been postponed.

100 Years Ago Today: Easter Rising starts in Dublin

23 April 2016

Republican groups launched a revolt against British rule in Ireland on Easter Monday 1916 (April 24th), seizing a number of key buildings in Dublin.

Shell shock on the Somme - Centenary News speaks to Taylor Downing, author of 'Breakdown'

11 April 2016

Centenary News' Books Editor, Eleanor Baggley, talks to Taylor Downing about Breakdown, his new book focusing on 'the Crisis of Shell Shock on the Somme', and how it challenged preconceived notions of mental illness.

Centenary study doubles New Zealand troop numbers at Gallipoli

31 March 2016

The number of New Zealanders who fought at Gallipoli is 'certain to have been more than 16,000', military historians in New Zealand say. 

Ceremony in Dublin to remember 1916 Easter Rising

07 March 2016

Ireland's President will lead Easter Sunday commemorations in Dublin marking the centenary of the rebellion against British rule during the First World War.

100 Years Ago Today: Britain passes law introducing conscription

27 January 2016

The British Parliament passed the Military Service Act on January 27th 1916, making single men aged 18-41 liable for call-up to fight in the First World War.

Centenary update - Navy Museum to challenge 'belief Jutland was a German victory'

24 January 2016

The National Museum of the Royal Navy says its Jutland Centenary exhibition, opening on May 19th 2016, will challenge "the belief that the battle was a German victory." 

News of My Boy Jack? - Solving the mystery of John Kipling

19 January 2016

A century of mystery about the fate of author Rudyard Kipling's son, Jack, during the Battle of Loos in 1915 may have been solved, according to new research published by the Western Front Association. 

100 Years Ago Today: The Gallipoli campaign ends

09 January 2016

The last Allied positions were evacuated at Cape Helles on January 9th 1916, ending the controversial Gallipoli campaign.

100 years Ago: UK War Minister backs Gallipoli pull-out & Churchill resigns

19 November 2015

Britain's War Minister, Lord Kitchener, visited Gallipoli and Winston Churchill left the Government in November 1915 amid fading support for the Dardanelles campaign.

100 Years Ago: Gallipoli commander Sir Ian Hamilton ordered home

16 October 2015

General Sir Ian Hamilton, British commander-in-chief at Gallipoli, was recalled on October 16th 1915 amid arguments about the future of the campaign.

100 Years Ago Today: Nurse Edith Cavell executed in occupied Belgium

12 October 2015

Edith Cavell, a British nurse working in Belgium during the First World War, was executed by the German occupation authorities on October 12th 1915.

Day of tributes on centenary of Edith Cavell's execution

12 October 2015

Centenary News reports from today's commemoration in London - among several events held in the UK and Belgium to remember the execution of British nurse Edith Cavell in occupied Brussels on October 12th 1915.

Edith Cavell Centenary - royal guests for Brussels tributes

05 October 2015

Princess Anne from the UK and Belgium's Princess Astrid are to attend commemorations in Brussels honouring the executed First World War nurse, Edith Cavell. 

Edith Cavell network 'sent Allies secret intelligence' - former UK security chief

21 September 2015

There's clear evidence that Edith Cavell's close associates were involved in gathering intelligence, says a former head of Britain's security service in a BBC programme.

Edith Cavell Centenary - events coming up in Belgium and UK

15 September 2015

Centenary News takes a first look at commemorations coming up in October 2015 to mark the centenary of the execution of the British nurse, Edith Cavell, in occupied Belgium during WW1.

Edith Cavell Centenary - Remembrance at Norwich Cathedral

15 September 2015

Centenary News highlights forthcoming events at Norwich Cathedral in this preview of UK commemorations marking the centenary of Edith Cavell's execution in occupied Belgium.

Ireland and the First World War - WFA conference in Cork

14 September 2015

A Western Front Association conference in Cork will consider the impact of the First World War on Ireland and its legacy.

Thousands who refused to take up arms remembered online by IWM

15 May 2015

The names of 16,500 conscientious objectors were added to the Imperial War Museum's Centenary memorial website today (May 15th 2015) - International Conscientious Objectors Day. 

100 Years Ago: Battle of Aubers Ridge - and a UK political crisis

10 May 2015

Britain launched a new offensive at Aubers Ridge on May 9th 1915, triggering a political crisis, the formation of a coalition government and a new munitions ministry under David Lloyd George.

100 Years Ago Today: Allied troops land at Gallipoli

25 April 2015

One of the most controversial campaigns of the First World War began on April 25th 1915, when the Allied powers invaded the Gallipoli peninsula with the aim of knocking Turkey out of the war.

Commemoration event marks anniversary of mass killings of Armenians

23 April 2015

The event has been held in the Armenian capital Yerevan. The Armenians describe the killings as genocide. The Turkish government rejects the use of the term.

European Parliament urges Turkey to recognise 1915 Armenian 'genocide'

18 April 2015

The European Parliament has entered the latest diplomatic row over the mass killings of Armenians during the First World War, calling on Turkey to recognise them as genocide.

Vatican in row with Turkey over Pope's Armenia 'genocide' comments

14 April 2015

Pope Francis has sparked a diplomatic row with Turkey by describing the mass killings of Armenians during the First World War as 'genocide.'

Irish government launches year of commemorations for 1916 Easter Rising

07 April 2015

Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny launches Ireland 2016 Centenary Programme to commemorate 1916 Easter Rising.

Book launch: remembering the Chinese labourers on the Western Front

29 March 2015

A Chinese language version of a book on the Chinese labourers of the First World War has been released. 

British author accuses media of ignoring black contribution to First World War

16 March 2015

British historian Stephen Bourne has accused British broadcasters and newspapers of ignoring his latest book on black British history.

Armenia makes Centenary call for Turkey to recognise 1915 killings as genocide

09 February 2015

Armenia issued a Centenary declaration on January 29th 2015, repeating demands for Turkey to recognise the killing of Armenians during the First World War as genocide.

100 Years Ago Today: Germany intensifies U-boat war

04 February 2015

Germany stepped up its submarine campaign, with a warning on February 4th 1915 that all merchant ships in the seas around the British Isles risked attack without warning.

Campaign to recognise sacrifice of Gallipoli reinforcements

21 January 2015

David Crampin has shared with Centenary News a piece about the troopship Royal Edward and his campaign to ensure the men who gave their lives receive equal and just recognition.

Centenary Update: UK watchdog rules out inquiry into supermarket Christmas truce advert

29 November 2014

Britain's advertising regulator decides there are no grounds for launching an investigation into a Sainsbury's supermarket advert featuring the First World War Christmas truce.

UK supermarket's Christmas truce advert kicks off debate

17 November 2014

The UK supermarket chain, Sainsbury's, has drawn both criticism and praise for launching a TV advertising campaign featuring the First World War Christmas truce.

'Catch 2039': a campaign to reform historic copyright

05 November 2014

UK cultural institutions are displaying blank paper in their exhibitions to protest restrictive copyright protection laws. The campaign is calling on the UK Government to reduce the term of copyright protection in certain unpublished works. 

Centenary update: overwhelming interest in Antwerp's pontoon bridge

07 October 2014

Tens of thousands of people crossed a pontoon bridge in Antwerp, opened from October 3rd-5th 2014 to mark the 100th anniversary of the city's First World War siege.

US First World War soldier poised for top bravery honour, almost 100 years on

04 September 2014

A black American soldier could finally be decorated with his country's highest bravery medal, almost a century after his heroic actions during the First World War.

The Telegraph: George V told British Government to 'find a reason' to go to war in August 1914

26 July 2014

The Telegraph reports that King George V 'demanded Britain enter the First World War' during a meeting with the Foreign Secretary, Sir Edward Grey, on 2nd August 1914.

Anger at Algerian participation in France's Centenary Bastille Day

08 July 2014

France 24 reports that there has been anger both in France and Algeria that representatives of the Algerian military will be taking part in France's annual Bastille Day celebrations.

Welsh churches apologise for "perversion of Jesus' message" during First World War

06 July 2014

The Union of Welsh Independent Churches has apologised for the role it played in encouraging men to enlist to fight during the First World War.

Controversial statue of Gavrilo Princip unveiled in East Sarajevo

27 June 2014

The Editor of Centenary News is in Sarajevo for the start of the First World War Centenary – and has just sent this update.

Britain tells France to "refrain from displaying European Union flags" during Centenary

26 June 2014

The Telegraph reports that Britain has privately told France to refrain from displaying the EU flag during Centenary commemorations.

Serbian President will not go to Sarajevo for Centenary of Archduke's assassination

26 June 2014

Serbia's President, Tomislav Nikolić, has announced that he will not mark the Centenary of Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination in Sarajevo this Saturday.

Gimmicks are insulting First World War Centenary, says historian

08 May 2014

A warfare historian has claimed events lined up to mark the Centenary of the First World War, such as a football match backed by Prince William, are gimmicks which are insulting to the heroism and horrors experienced by those who gave their lives.


Turkish PM offers "condolences" for the "events of 1915", while Armenia accuses Ankara of "genocide denial"

07 May 2014

On the 23rd April 2014, Turkey’s Prime Minister offered his “condolences” to Armenians who had family members that died during what the Prime Minister described as “the events of 1915”.

Lusitania was carrying First World War explosives from New York when sunk in May 1915, British files reveal

02 May 2014

The passenger ship Lusitania was carrying munitions when it was sunk by a German submarine in May 1915, documents released by the British Government have revealed.


Members of the European Parliament take part in First World War Centenary debate

16 April 2014

MEPs have marked almost a century since the outbreak of the First World War with a debate in the European Parliament today.

The UK's minister in charge of First World War Centenary resigns

08 April 2014

The Cabinet minister in charge of the UK government's First World War Centenary programme, Maria Miller, has resigned after a row about her expenses.

Professor Gary Sheffield dubs UK 'lights out' Centenary plan a "gimmick"

28 March 2014

Professor of War Studies at the University of Wolverhampton, Gary Sheffield, has described an initiative which asks people to switch off their lights to mark the First World War Centenary as a "ludicrous gimmick".

German MP calls lack of plans to mark the First World War Centenary a "scandal"

03 March 2014

Sevim Dağdelen, MP for the German political party Die Linke - 'The Left' - has criticised Germany for a lack of plans to commemorate the Centenary of the First World War.

Sir Max Hastings and Niall Ferguson: Was Britain right to fight in World War One?

02 March 2014

As part of the BBC's World War One season to mark the Centenary, historians Sir Max Hastings and Niall Ferguson have laid out different viewpoints on Britain's role in the conflict.

Fears of "backlash" over Ottawa's spending plans to mark Centenary

26 February 2014

The Globe and Mail reports that the Canadian Department of National Defence is concerned that it could face a "backlash" over its spending plans to mark the Centenary of the First World War and the 75th anniversary of the Second World War.

UK Minister says there will be "no dancing in the street" over Britain's role in the First World War

07 February 2014

Britain's Minister for Sport, Tourism & Equalities, Helen Grant MP, has stated that there will be no celebration of Britain's victory in the First World War.

Niall Ferguson: “Britain should have stayed out of First World War”

03 February 2014

In an interview with BBC History Magazine, the historian Niall Ferguson has said that Britain should have "stayed out" of the First World War, describing the decision to enter the conflict as "the biggest error in modern history".

Simon Jenkins' "apology" to Germany for "sickening avalanche of First World War worship" proves divisive

03 February 2014

An article in The Guardian by Simon Jenkins has provoked nearly a thousand comments as he "apologises" to Germany as the Centenary approaches.

Petition to honour executed nurse Edith Cavell on UK Centenary coin passes 50,000 names

29 January 2014

Almost 51,000 people have now backed a campaign to have the executed British nurse, Edith Cavell, honoured on a £2 coin commemorating the First World War Centenary. 

Gavrilo Princip "to have monument" in Kalemegdan Park, Belgrade, Serbia

24 January 2014

The Serbian daily, Novosti, reports an initiative by the Government of Serbia will see a monument to Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassin - Gavrilo Princip - erected in Kalemegdan Park, Belgrade.

First World War Centenary "largely ignored" in Russia

21 January 2014

The Moscow Times interviews British historian Sir Max Hastings about how "World War I was very nearly written out of Russian history during the early years of the Soviet Union".

Austrian press criticises Serbian presentation of 1913 document

17 January 2014

The Austrian press has been critical of the presentation of a document by the National Archive of Serbia, which Serbia claims absolves it of any "guilt" in starting the First World War.

'Archduke Franz Ferdinand relative: don't blame us for First World War'

16 January 2014

Karl Habsburg-Lothringen, the grandson of the last emperor of Austria-Hungary, Karl I, has said there is no need for his family to show remorse for the First World War.

Serbia claims letter from 1913 absolves it of blame for the outbreak of the First World War

16 January 2014

The Director of the National Archive of Serbia, Dr. Miroslav Perisic, has unveiled a copy of a document from 1913 which he claims absolves Serbia of any "guilt" for outbreak of the First World War.

UK Culture Minister is criticised in Anzac Centenary row

10 January 2014

The Daily Mail has reported that a "senior Whitehall official" has criticised the UK Culture Secretary as concerns were raised that Britain was going to "downplay" Australia's role in the First World War.

UK states suggestion of Anzac "whitewash" during the Centenary is "completely wrong"

10 January 2014

The UK has stated that any suggestions it will favour commemorating the "New Commonwealth" contribution during the First World War over Australia are "completely wrong".

British Government accused of "whitewash" in favouring Centenary commemorations for "New Commonwealth" over Australia

09 January 2014

Australia's The Daily Telegraph states the UK Government may "downplay" the role of Australian forces during the First World War.

Germany is "not alone to blame" for the outbreak of the First World War

08 January 2014

An article in Die Welt argues that Germany was "not alone" to blame for outbreak of the First World War.

Mayor of London: the First World War "was overwhelmingly the result of German aggression" and "the Left can't bear to say so"

06 January 2014

The Mayor of London has joined an ongoing argument amongst British politicians about the history of the First World War, in which he states the conflict "was overwhelmingly the result of German aggression".

'Blackadder' actor Sir Tony Robinson brands Education Secretary's First World War comments "silly"

05 January 2014

Sir Tony Robinson has branded comments by the Education Secretary that Blackadder is used to "feed myths" about the First World War by "left-wing academics" as "silly".

Argument about the history of the First World War breaks out between British politicians

05 January 2014

An argument about the history of the First World War has erupted between England's Education Secretary, Michael Gove, and the Shadow Education Secretary, Tristram Hunt.

Is Britain's new First World War Centenary coin "too jingoistic"?

01 January 2014

The British newspaper The Daily Mail has highlighted the "backlash" on social media about a new coin featuring Lord Kitchener to mark the Centenary.

Sir Max Hastings: UK's Centenary must explain that the First World War "was ghastly, but it was not futile"

05 December 2013

On the BBC current affairs programme, The Daily Politics, Sir Max Hastings and Dr. Andrew Murrison MP took part in a discussion about plans to commemorate the Centenary of the First World War.

Archive of Serbia and National Assembly plan to tackle “100 times repeated lie” of Serbia’s First World War guilt with 2014 exhibitions

03 December 2013

The Archive of Serbia & National Assembly of Serbia launched the first in a series of exhibitions on First World War documents in November.

UK mint to produce special First World War Centenary coin series

02 December 2013

The Royal Mint has announced that it will produce a five year coin series to mark the Centenary of the First World War.

Britain's Centenary plans: Jeremy Paxman "wasn't calling David Cameron an idiot"

22 November 2013

Jeremy Paxman has told Bucks Free Press that he "wasn't calling [British Prime Minister] David Cameron an idiot" in relation to the First World War Centenary.

Former Australian PM calls the First World War a conflict "devoid of any virtue"

11 November 2013

The Former Australian Prime Minister, Paul Keating, has addressed a Remembrance Day service at the Australian War Memorial calling the First World War a conflict "devoid of any virtue".

Norfolk County Council "snubs" MP's offer to help commemorate First World War Centenary

03 November 2013

The BBC reports that an offer to help commemorate the Centenary made by Chloe Smith MP to Norfolk County Council has been "snubbed".

Local councillor opposes public funding for Step Short Memorial Arch being constructed for Centenary

25 October 2013

Kent Online reports that a local councillor has started a petition opposing a £200,000 grant of taxpayers' money towards constructing the Step Short Memorial Arch to honour First World War soldiers.

BBC Great War Controller says it would be "utterly inappropriate" to adopt a tone of "celebration" for Centenary broadcasts

14 October 2013

The Independent reports on BBC First World War Centenary coverage plans.

British Prime Minister's Centenary comments criticised by Jeremy Paxman

08 October 2013

Jeremy Paxman, the host of the BBC's political talk show, Newsnight, has criticised the Prime Minister's comments that the Centenary commemorations should be "like the Diamond Jubilee celebrations".

Sebastian Faulks: Britain "didn't do enough" to recognise First World War veterans when they were alive

07 October 2013

The Telegraph reports that the author Sebastian Faulks has said that it should be a "matter for regret" that the contribution of First World War veterans was not recognised earlier.

Report urges French Government to reconsider executed First World War soldiers

01 October 2013

France 24 states that a report recommends that French First World War soldiers who were executed by their own side for desertion should be "officially considered under a new light".

British Centenary plans to honour Victoria Cross recipients changed to include foreign born winners

25 September 2013

The Telegraph reports that plans to honour First World War Victoria Cross recipients during the Centenary have been revised to now include those born overseas and were awarded the VC.

Scottish Highland war memorials will not be restored in time for 2014, but communities will be "consulted"

20 September 2013

The Highland Council in Scotland announces that plans to restore First World War memorials in the local authority in time for the Centenary of the outbreak of the First World War will no longer go ahead.

Restoration of Scottish Highland First World War memorials may not be complete in time for Centenary

19 September 2013

Highland News reports that a local authority in Scotland - the Highland Council - may reverse plans for First World War memorials to be restored in time for the Centenary of the outbreak of the conflict.

Heritage Lottery Fund issues statement over 2014 Real Poppy Campaign's failed bid for funding

11 September 2013

The Heritage Lottery Fund has issued a statement following the failure of the 2014 Real Poppy Campaign's application for financial support to plant millions of poppies in time for the Centenary.

Scheme to plant millions of poppies across the UK fails in bid for Heritage Lottery Fund support

11 September 2013

The Telegraph reports that a scheme to plant poppies across Britain to mark the Centenary of the First World War - endorsed by the Prime Minister - has failed in its funding application.

'No Glory in War 1914-1918' campaign launch video released

09 September 2013

The No Glory in War 1914-1918 campaign group has released a video of its launch on the 22nd May 2013.

UK plans to honour Victoria Cross recipients for the Centenary sees soldier excluded due to "loophole"

25 August 2013

The BBC reports that British plans to honour VC recipients during the Centenary, announced in early August 2013, will see those born overseas, but who later lived in the UK, excluded.

Serbia's Prime Minister warns against the "revision of history" during First World War Centenary

20 August 2013

InSerbia News reports that Serbia's PM, Ivica Dacic, has warned against attempts to "blame" Serbia for the outbreak of the First World War, in a speech on the 99th anniversary of the Battle of the Cer.

Germany denies reports it called for Britain to avoid a "celebratory" tone for the Centenary

19 August 2013

Spiegel Online reports that the German Foreign Ministry has denied reports in the British press that it attempted to influence the tone of Britain's Centenary plans.

Germany calls for Britain to avoid "celebratory" tone for Centenary

18 August 2013

The Telegraph reports that Norman Walter, of Germany's London Embassy, has called for Britain to avoid a "celebratory" tone for the Centenary.

Call for memorial dedicated to those who opposed the outbreak of the First World War in Scotland

07 August 2013

Herald Scotland reports that the Jimmy Reid Foundation has called for a memorial in honour of those who opposed the outbreak of the First World War to be erected.

Evgeny Sergeev of the Russian Academy of Sciences tells Centenary News of the need to "renovate the historical memory of the First World War in modern Russian society"

31 July 2013

Professor Evgeny Sergeev speaks to Centenary News as the 99th anniversary of Germany's declaration of war on Russia approaches.

Controversy over £500,000 restoration of First World War ship for Centenary

15 July 2013

The Southern Daily Echo highlights the diverging opinions over Hampshire Council in England's decision to allocate £500,000 to restore a First World War ship.

Residents of Rajasthan’s Pali district, India, oppose plans for Turkish First World War memorial

12 July 2013

The Hindustan Times reports that residents of Sumerpur in Rajasthan’s Pali district in India are opposing plans by the Turkish Government to establish a First World War memorial in the area.

Sri Lanka will not be barred from attending Commonwealth Centenary service in Glasgow amid human rights abuse allegations

11 June 2013

Herald Scotland reports Sri Lanka will not be banned from a First World War Centenary service for Commonwealth leaders in 2014.

British newspaper websites 'The Independent' and 'The Telegraph' highlight minister's argument that the Centenary should not become an "anti-German festival"

10 June 2013

UK newspapers highlight the Communities Secretary's comment that the Centenary should not be an "anti-German, anti-Turkish festival".

Leading Scottish think tank labels Scotland's First World War Centenary plans a "whitewash"

28 May 2013

The Scotsman has reported that a leading Scottish think tank has called Scottish Government proposals to mark the Centenary of the First World War a "whitewash".

British Government responds to criticism over First World War Centenary plans

22 May 2013

The Department for Culture, Media and Sport has responded to an open letter criticising the nature of national plans to mark the Centenary in Britain. 

Academics, actors and politicians are among those who criticise Britain's plans to mark the Centenary of the First World War

21 May 2013

A wide ranging group of British public figures have signed an open letter, criticising the nature of national Centenary plans in Britain.

British minister reassures Australia its role in the Gallipoli Campaign will be remembered at Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014

14 May 2013

The Australian reports a British minister confirms Gallipoli will be marked at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Budget cuts in the US lead to cancellation of annual First World War memorial service

14 May 2013

An annual memorial service held at the District of Columbia War Memorial in honour of those who served during the First World War has been cancelled due to budget cuts.

Australian legislators from New South Wales barred from attending Gallipoli commemorations by Turkish authorities

13 May 2013

The Turkish Foreign Ministry states that Australian legislators from New South Wales will "not have their place[s]" at Gallipoli commemorations in Turkey, after "Armenian Genocide" motion.

Historians concerned the UK Government's Centenary commemoration "focuses on British defeats"

06 May 2013

The Telegraph reports that British historians and campaigners have "criticised" the "tone" of plans and the preparedness of the UK to mark the Centenary of the First World War.

BBC plans for Centenary drama attract controversy

22 April 2013

The BBC has commissioned a First World War Centenary drama, which has attracted controversy from some British newspapers for "plans to give British and German troops equal prominence".

Legal settlement to pay for Mametz Wood Memorial upkeep, France

01 March 2013

This is South Wales reports that the sculptor of the Mametz Wood Memorial has won a legal case for breach of copyright and that the legal settlement will pay to maintain the memorial.

Britain's Sandhurst Military Academy renames First World War hall

17 February 2013

The Daily Mail has reported that Britain's Sandhurst Military Academy has renamed its sports hall - 'The Mons Hall' - after a donation from the King of Bahrain.

Articles & Blogs

100 years ago - breaking news of the 'False Armistice'

07 November 2018

James Smith revisits the story of how premature reports of an end to the Great War flashed around the world on 7 November 1918.

Reports: German President for UK Cenotaph ceremony?

25 September 2018

Ahead of the official announcement, newspapers in Britain  reported plans to invite Germany’s head-of-state to the Remembrance Sunday service in Whitehall, which this year coincides with the Armistice Centenary.  

100 Years Ago: Bolsheviks seize power in the Russian Revolution

07 November 2017

On the Centenary of the Bolshevik coup, Patrick Gregory looks back at the turmoil which propelled Lenin's revolutionaries to power in Russia during the First World War.

From Parsonage to Passchendaele - A British nurse under fire in Flanders

30 July 2017

As the Passchendaele commemorations start, ex-BBC correspondent Tim Luard recalls the harrowing experiences of his great aunt as a senior nurse at the Third Battle of Ypres.

The False Armistice - 7 November 1918

27 May 2017

In a special article for Centenary News, James Smith describes how news broke prematurely of an end to the First World War.

100 Years Ago: Battle of the St Eloi Craters

24 March 2016

March 27th 2016 marked the centenary of the largely forgotten ‘Battle of the St Eloi Craters’, fought in a landscape pitted by mine explosions near Ypres. Matt Warner tells the story. 

Call to remember soldiers lost on Gallipoli troopship 'Royal Edward' 100 years ago today

13 August 2015

David Crampin renews his call for recognition of more than 860 British soldiers who died when the troopship Royal Edward was torpedoed by a German U-boat on August 13th 1915.

The Lusitania - a viewpoint article from Lusitania Online

01 June 2015

Mitch Peeke has sent in the following comment article for Centenary News - which summarises his views on the sinking of the Lusitania. Mitch is a founder member of the Lusitania Online website.

Article: Centenary of the historic 1915 Congress of Women

27 April 2015

An article in The Guardian explores the Women's Congress of 1915, when over 1000 female activists convened at the Hague to push for peace and women's rights.

Article: 'Ireland: Easter Rising or Great War?'

23 April 2015

John Gibney explores the complicated relationship between Ireland's First World War contribution and it's independence movement.

Article: Germaine Greer assesses Gallipoli and the 'myth of Australian nationhood'

20 April 2015

Germain Greer explores three recent publications on the Gallipoli campaign to asses whether Australia was "born on the battlefield".

Article: 'Killing Fields of the Young Turks' by Justin Marozzi

16 April 2015

An article in the UK's Spectator magazine challenges the legacy of the "Armenian genocide" in both Armenian and Turkish history.

Campaign to recognise the sacrifice of Gallipoli reinforcements on torpedoed troopship

21 January 2015

David Crampin has shared with Centenary News a piece about the ship Royal Edward which was torpedoed on its way to Gallipoli and his campaign to ensure those whoe died receive recognition. 

Arthur Machen and his regret at starting the First World War myth of the Angels of Mons

29 May 2014

Rosalie Parker, publicity officer of The Friends of Arthur Machen, explains how the First World War myth of the Angels of Mons grew out of a fictional story by the Welsh writer.

The photograph which reveals the "muddled and mangled" history of assassin Gavrilo Princip

28 May 2014

In a special article for Centenary News, author Tim Butcher reveals the myths and historical mistakes which surround the story of gunman Gavrilo Princip.


Warfare historian hits out at "gimmicks" used to remember First World War centenary

09 May 2014

Dr Clare Makepeace says plans to remember the Christmas Truce with a football match are turning the Centenary into nothing more than a series of gimmicks.

'Why is Canada botching the Great War Centenary?'

06 May 2014

Historian J.L. Granatstein writes for The Globe and Mail about the apparent lack of "new money" for Canada's First World War Centenary commemorations.

Professor Gary Sheffield blogs about the UK's 'lights out' Centenary plan

02 April 2014

Professor of War Studies at the University of Wolverhampton, Gary Sheffield, has blogged about an initiative which calls on Britons to turn off their ligths to mark the Centenary.

First World War Centenary "likely to reawaken the ghosts of nationalism and highlight stark differences in how Europeans remember the conflict"

02 January 2014

EurActiv publishes an article which argues the First World War Centenary is likely to "stir bad memories for fractured [Europe]".

'Skirmishes flare over World War I Centennial plans'

29 December 2013

The Los Angeles Times reports on "disputes erupting in Europe over how best to remember a conflict that claimed the lives of millions".

'Britain's First World War centenary plans show a reluctance to face history'

13 August 2013

An article in The Guardian argues that the British Government "seems intent on avoiding any serious debate about the war and its causes" with its Centenary plans.

Gavrilo Princip "was not a terrorist" and attempts to "blame" Serbia for the outbreak of the First World War are the "excesses of individuals"

15 June 2013

InSerbia News reports that a group of Serbian historians have stated that Gavrilo Princip was "not a terrorist".

Should Britain be spending £55 million to mark the Centenary of the First World War?

27 May 2013

Writing in The Guardian, Professor Sir Hew Strachan and writer AL Kennedy consider plans in Britain to spend £55 million to mark the Centenary of the First World War.

Is Australia "making a mess" of its First World War commemoration plans?

03 May 2013

The Australian publishes an article written by Jeffrey Grey, Professor of History at the UNSW, Canberra, in which he expresses his concerns about how Australian state commemorations are being handled.


Remembering 18 London children killed in 1917 air raid

15 June 2017

Queen Elizabeth and Germany's Ambassador to the UK attended commemorations in London on 15 June 2017 marking the centenary of a First World War air raid which left 18 schoolchildren dead.

Centenary Anniversary: British nurse Edith Cavell executed in occupied Belgium

12 October 2015
12th October 1915: Edith Cavell, a British nurse working in occupied Belgium, was executed by the Germans for helping Allied soldiers escape to the neutral Netherlands.



Beyond lecture series: “Feeding the Enemy – The Hidden History of the CRB"

10 December 2014

As part of the 'Beyond the 1914-1918 Centenary' lecture series, author Gerry Docherty gave a presentation on the 'hidden history' of the Commission for the Relief of Belgium (CRB). 

'No Glory in War 1914-1918' campaign launch video

09 September 2013

The Stop the War Coalition has uploaded a video to its YouTube page of the launch of the No Glory in War 1914-1918 campaign, which criticises the nature UK Centenary plans.


War Beneath the Waves: U-boat Flottilla Flandern 1915-18

01 February 2017

Centenary News verdict

'Belgian marine archaeologist Tomas Termote has amassed a wealth of information, personal stories, and rare photos for this encyclopaedic history of Germany's U-boat crews on the Flemish coast. The author's newly-published English edition provides a welcome insight into the German side of the story for an Anglophone readership.'

Read the full description here.

Book Review - HMS Hampshire: a Century of Myths and Mysteries Unravelled

28 November 2016

'Meticulous and enthralling' - CN Editor Peter Alhadeff on this centenary account of the naval disaster that claimed the lives of Britain's War Minister Lord Kitchener and most of the crewmen on a Royal Navy cruiser in 1916.

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