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Passchendaele Centenary - 13 war memorials in England 'listed' or upgraded

29 July 2017

A memorial to a rugby star and a monument in a village built for disabled veterans are among 13 English war memorials newly listed for conservation, or upgraded, to mark the Battle of Passchendaele Centenary.

Centenary News reports from Belgium on football's day of Christmas truce remembrance

12 December 2014

European football has paid tribute to the soldiers who took part in the Christmas truce, with the inauguration of a new memorial near Ploegsteert in Belgium on December 11th 2014.

Christmas truce: European football chief unveils new memorial in Belgium today

11 December 2014

UEFA President Michel Platini unveils European football's memorial to the Christmas truce near Ploegsteert in Belgium today (December 11th 2014).

Christmas truce: UK diplomats kick off Centenary football events worldwide

08 December 2014

British diplomats around the world are hosting a series of football matches to mark the 100th anniversary of the First World War Christmas truce. 

Christmas truce: countdown to Centenary events in December 2014

01 December 2014

Centenary News previews events coming up in December 2014 to mark the 100th anniversary of the Christmas truce on the Western Front.

Christmas truce: British & German schools mark Centenary with joint memorial in Belgium

22 November 2014

A memorial to the Christmas truce, inspired by friendship between pupils from British and German schools, will be inaugurated in the Belgian town of Messines (Mesen) on December 6th 2014.

Christmas truce: European football announces Centenary tribute in Belgium

20 November 2014

European football is to commemorate the centenary of the Christmas truce with the unveiling of a new memorial near Ploegsteert in Belgium on December 11th 2014.

Tour de France commemorates First World War

10 July 2014

The Tour de France is commemorating the Centenary of the First World War by following a route which includes some of the key battlefields from the conflict.

Cyclists mark Centenary of Archduke's assassination in Sarajevo

23 June 2014

The Sarajevo Grand Prix 2014 has marked the Centenary of the Archduke Franz Ferdinand's assassination.

Gimmicks are insulting First World War Centenary, says historian

08 May 2014

A warfare historian has claimed events lined up to mark the Centenary of the First World War, such as a football match backed by Prince William, are gimmicks which are insulting to the heroism and horrors experienced by those who gave their lives.


Prince William backs plans to mark First World War Christmas Truce

08 May 2014

Prince William, who is President of the Football Association, has lent his support to a series of educational  initiatives and a memorial design competition to mark the First World War Christmas Truce.

European football invites international leaders to Belgium for Centenary of the Christmas truce

14 April 2014

European football's governing body, UEFA, has announced plans to mark the 100th anniversary of the Christmas truce on the Western Front. 

English football chiefs visit France to remember the dead of the First World War

01 April 2014

Senior English football representatives have visited Northern France to pay tribute to the players, officials and fans who fought and died in the First World War.

Irish Member of the European Parliament calls for Gaelic Athletic Association to mark Centenary

04 January 2014

Séan Kelly, MEP for Ireland South, has called on the Gaelic Athletic Association to mark the Centenary of the First World War.

Truce Tournament held at National World War I Museum, Kansas City

30 December 2013

The National World War I Museum in Kansas held a 'Truce Tournament' to commemorate the 1914 'Christmas Truce'.

National World War I Museum, Kansas City, 'Truce Tournament'

17 December 2013

The National World War I Museum will host a 'Truce Tournament' on the 26th December 2013.

English and German football teams to recreate Christmas Truce football match

14 December 2013

The Heritage Lottery Fund has awarded an £8,300 grant which will allow the twinned towns of Newark in England and Emmendingen in Germany to recreate the 'Christmas Truce'.

English Premier League to mark Centenary of Christmas Truce with 3G pitch in Ypres

09 December 2013

The English Premier League has announced that it will build a floodlit third-generation artificial pitch to commemorate the Centenary of the First World War.

Seven day footrace to mark ANZAC Centenary in 2015

19 November 2013

ANZAC Ultra will stage a seven day footrace to commemorate the Centenary of the ANZACs landing at Gallipoli in 1915.

Help for Heroes 4x4 European rally to mark First World War Centenary

29 October 2013

Help for Heroes has organised a 4x4 European rally to mark the Centenary of the First World War and the 70th anniversary of D-Day.

Tour de France 2014 route with Ypres stage to mark First World War Centenary announced

23 October 2013

The Tour de France 2014 route has been announced, with a stage at Ypres to mark the Centenary of the First World War.

Former PM of Belgium reveals details of Centenary themed Tour de France route

17 October 2013

RTBF reports that the former prime minster of Belgium has revealed more details about plans to commemorate the Centenary of the First World War in the Tour de France 2014.

Football and Peace project receives Heritage Lottery Fund support

23 September 2013

The National Children's Football Alliance has been awarded a £32,500 grant, which will help fund a research project in Kent exploring the relationship between sport and the First World War.

London to Ypres trek to mark the Centenary of the outbreak of the First World War

06 September 2013

The Royal Star & Garter Homes is organising a five day trek from London to Ypres to mark the Centenary of the outbreak of the First World War.

Mountaineering expedition in 2015 to mark Centenary of Italy's entry into the First World War

27 August 2013

On 24th May 2015 a mountaineering expedition - which will span 1500km from the Stelvio Pass to the Carso Plateau - will mark the Centenary of Italy's entrance into the First World War.

Tour de France 2014 to have special First World War Centenary route

02 August 2013

leJDD reports that the Tour de France will mark the Centenary of the First World War with a special route through sites of importance during the conflict in 2014.

Motorcyclists make 2,500 mile journey around Britain to visit First World War "Thankful Villages"

27 July 2013

The BBC has reported that two men will be visiting Britain's 51 "Thankful Villages" - where all servicemen who fought in the First World War from the same village returned alive.

Battle of Fromelles remembrance trail opens in France

20 July 2013

Nord Tourism and Nord-Pas de Calais Regional tourism board have developed the Battle of Fromelles walking trail in France, to commemorate the 1916 battle.

Australians on the Western Front 1914-1918: The Australian Remembrance Trail in France and Belgium

08 July 2013

The Australian Government is developing a 'Remembrance Trail' in France and Belgium, as part of its efforts to mark the Centenary of the First World War.

David Beckham could be called upon to play in Centenary 'Christmas Truce' football match

23 June 2013

The Daily Mail reports that former England football captain David Beckham could be called upon to play in a Centenary football match in 2014 to mark the 'Christmas Truce' of 1914.

Remembrance trail 'Following in Wilfred Owen's Footsteps' opens in France

04 June 2013

A new audio-guided walking trail has been opened by Nord Tourisme in France, which plots a six kilometre (3.7 miles) route in memory of the poet Wilfred Owen's life.

Recently discovered letters from the front line describing the 1914 'Christmas Truce' to be auctioned

31 May 2013

Bonhams Fine Art Auctioneers & Valuers is to auction two letters written by British Major J.P.V. Hawksley, to his sister Muriel, describing the 'Christmas Truce' of 1914.

Glasgow to host First World War Centenary service for Commonwealth leaders

16 May 2013

Commonwealth leaders are being invited to remain in Glasgow after the Commonwealth Games hosted there in 2014 in order to attend a First World War Centenary service.

British minister reassures Australia its role in the Gallipoli Campaign will be remembered at Glasgow Commonwealth Games in 2014

14 May 2013

The Australian reports a British minister confirms Gallipoli will be marked at the 2014 Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Author of 'War Horse' to stage new play for Centenary at Ypres, Belgium

24 March 2013

The Telegraph reports that the author of the book 'War Horse', Michael Morpurgo, will stage a new play to mark the Centenary of the First World War, based on the 1914 'Christmas Truce'.

Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games could see city as a centre for Centenary commemorations

27 February 2013

Herald Scotland reports that discussions are underway to make Glasgow a centre for the commemorations of the outbreak of the First World War, in light of its hosting of the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

Thankful villages run 2013

18 February 2013

Over the summer of 2013, two motorcyclists will be riding through each of the United Kingdom's 'thankful villages', where there is no First World War memorial, as all of those who served in the conflict, returned home.

'Christmas Truce' football game to be recreated for Centenary

10 February 2013

The Guardian has reported that the recreation of the 'Christmas Truce' football game played on Christmas Day 1914 is among Centenary plans being proposed in Britain.

Articles & Blogs

Remembering cricketer Colin Blythe - Killed in Flanders 100 years ago

08 November 2017

CN contributor Andy Moreton pays tribute to the champion cricketer, Colin Blythe, on the centenary of his death in the Great War.

Warfare historian hits out at "gimmicks" used to remember First World War centenary

09 May 2014

Dr Clare Makepeace says plans to remember the Christmas Truce with a football match are turning the Centenary into nothing more than a series of gimmicks.

Author of 'The Final Whistle' tells Centenary News about the story behind a London rugby club’s war memorial

02 May 2013

Stephen Cooper’s book, The Final Whistle, tells the story of 86 members of Rosslyn Park rugby club who lost their lives during the First World War. He talks to Centenary News' Dan Hayes.


Christmas truce: 'Football Remembers Week' gets under way

06 December 2014

The British Council, the Football Association, Premier League and Football League invite all involved with football to join in remembering the Christmas truce from today, December 6th 2014


Update: Centenary News has been sent video of Welsh football squad's visit to memorial

10 December 2014

The Football Association of Wales has just sent through a video of its visit on 17 November 2014 to the Artillery Wood cemetery and the Wales World War One Memorial in Langemark.

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