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Posted on centenarynews.com on 12/11/2014
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Echoes From The Deep: Wrecks of the Dardanelles Campaign
By Selcuk Kolay, Okan Taktak, Savas Karakas and Mithat Atabay.

The Dardanelles Campaign is among the world’s most important naval battles, which changed the course of the First World War. Echoes from the Deep is a unique book and documentary chronicling the exploration of shipwrecks which were sunk during the Dardanelles Campaign. It records the complete stories, from launching to sinking, of 31 ships and submarines of the Ottoman, British, French and Australian forces, which were all lost in the Dardanelles Straits, Aegean Sea and the Marmara Sea.

The contents include photographs captured using underwater imaging technology and sonar graphics recorded with the latest 3D Multibeam Sonar and Sidescan Sonar technology.

Accompanying the hard cover 283 page book is a 47 minutes documentary DVD, produced in 2013.
"We are looking for all the battleships and supply vessels that were on active service in the Dardanelles in 1915 and that were later left, forgotten in the depths of the sea..." says Savas Karakas, an award-winning Turkish documentary film maker and experienced diver, who is exploring the underwater traces of the Gallipoli Campaign. Savas Karakas has produced several documentaries on the subject so far, including "Gallipoli: History in the Depths", which showed the first ever underwater shootings of sunken warships of Gallipoli, and "Gallipoli: War Beneath the Waves", which documented the lost submarines of the Gallipoli Campaign. "Echoes from the Deep" is his final tribute to the Gallipoli Campaign on the occasion of its Centenary.

Posted by: Hannah Schneider, Centenary News

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